[BETA] Hubitat Package Manager

Ok I think this is stable enough now to release as a beta. This is a package manager for Hubitat that makes installing and managing your apps and drivers easier. It allows you to install an app (for example Ecobee suite that has 13 apps and 2 drivers) with "one click" instead of having to do each one manually. It also automatically checks to see if new versions of anything installed using this app are available. As time goes on I hope more developers will come on board (if apps you use aren't supported, feel free to ask the developer, I'm happy to help them get setup!), but right now my own, @aaron, @bptworld, and @storageanarchy have all been starting to release our apps/drivers using this.

This is definitely beta software. I haven't experienced any serious issues but during testing people had reported that it installed duplicate apps, wasn't detecting updates properly, etc. I think I've fixed most of the serious issues but I'm sure there are still bugs.

You can find the code and documentation at GitHub - dcmeglio/hubitat-packagemanager

Developers, you can also find information there on how to add support to your own apps. There is a little command line tool I wrote that you can use to build the manifest files (there is also now a converter if you happen to have apps that use the SmartThings Community Installer for your apps).

If you find bugs or have suggestions please report them as issues at GitHub - dcmeglio/hubitat-packagemanager as this will be the easiest way for me to keep track of them.

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Pretty cool! I'm surprised no one else has commented. I look forward to trying this out once it is confirmed good. (I only have one hub and am battling hub lockups already as it is).

As mentioned in the first post, I have almost all of my apps/drivers moved into this app. Hopefully by the end of the week, I'll have 100%. This will make life a LOT easier for both the end user and the developer!


I read and liked and followed as I expected comments, but as @xaminder says none was posted.

I think that the word BETA scares a lot of people so it could be that, but otherwise I think it sounds like a great idea. I just spent my weekend updating apps and drivers so getting something like this in play is a game changer and I will be looking into this myself in the coming days.

You might be right, it could be scaring people away, but that's a good thing. It is a Beta. If you're not comfortable with the fact that there are almost definitely bugs, you should not install it at this point. At the same time, if you are, the beta testing will be invaluable to help make it stable for the masses!


I installed and imported my @bptworld aps
Tile Manager threw an error when updating & WDG installed a duplicate parent instance

I will re-create errors and post asap once back on station

You did a match up to items you already have installed or you installed these fresh?

@bptworld so I see why the duplicate was created. The name in your manifest doesn't actually match the name of the app. In the manifest you have;

"name": "Weather Dot Gov Parent",
"namespace": "BPTWorld",

The groovy file has:
name:"Weather Dot Gov",
namespace: "BPTWorld",

That will cause the duplicates since it can't match on name/namespace. I'd need logs for the other issue.

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I'll jump in and say this works great. I was about to say that I did end up with multiple app versions after doing a match, but it looks like @dman2306 is on it. Checking four packages for updates in about two seconds is awesome! :clap:

Which packages resulted in duplicates? Want to make sure I nail down any/all issues.

Excellent work! This is long overdue on this platform. This type of app is game changing!

Weather Dot Gov and NOAA Weather Alerts. Now, I don't know if these can actually be classified as duplicates as they were older 'Pre-packaged' versions.

@aaron the NOAA one is the same as BPTworld's issue. In the manifest it is called "name": "NOAA Weather", and in the groovy it is name:"NOAA Weather Alerts", so it can't match up on the name/namespace properly.

Updated my Names, hopefully they are the same now. Would need to see the error for Tile Master.


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see screenshots





TM2 is installed and fully functional -- dont know why it is showing it isnt

https://raw.githubusercontent.com/bptworld/Hubitat/master/Apps/Tile%20Master/TM-driver.groovy returns a 404. I'm guessing the path is wrong.

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lowercase d in manifest

is: .../Tile%20Master/TM-driver.groovy

should be: .../Tile%20Master/TM-Driver.groovy


Fixed, thank you!

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could you check the manifest for TM2? Im getting a double install on an already updated install -- i believe you have them in there as Tile Master Parent/Child as opposed to Tile Master 2




this is good stuff -- certainly streamlines the install/update process

easy to use!

Download the Hubitat app