26933 ge motion dimmer switch device

This device (jasco motion detector) is working oddly since migrating. On ST when physically pressing the button it operated the way it was programmed in the settings. With this device, physically pressing it and motion detection has it operating like a switch, but pressing it in the app has it ramp up and down. I believe I went through all settings changing everything back and forth and no change. Can I get some help please.

Which driver are you using, the built-in one, or the community one? The community one might work better for you. [RELEASE] GE/Jasco Z-Wave Plus Motion Dimmer Driver

I think this is also available in Hubitat Package Manager if you have that installed. If you don't, you should check it out. [BETA] Hubitat Package Manager

Also, I believe there are parameters that can be set to control some of this behavior. Did you check these parameters? You can use the Basic Zwave tool to check and adjust these parameters. I think the community based driver exposes most of these without using the tool though.
Super basic Z-Wave parameter tool

If you are using one of my drivers, you would change this to a big number, like 99:

If you are using the in-box driver, then like @neonturbo said, you would have to switch to the basic z-wave parameter tool and change the parameter 7 to a high number like 99.

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Figured it out. There is a "switch" parameter that I turned off. I don't understand why someone would want it dimmable through the app and switch physically.


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