[RELEASE] GE/Jasco Z-Wave Plus Motion Dimmer Driver

GE/Jasco Z-Wave Plus Motion Dimmer Driver
I got tired of the generic built-in driver missing features that are on the GE/Jasco dimmers. This was loosely derived from the ST device handler, but mostly re-written.

NOTE 1: This is for the motion GE/Jasco Z-Wave Plus Dimmers only . It will not work with the non Z-Wave Plus models (12xxx), it will not work with any switch model, and it will not work with the non-motion Dimmer (14294).

It has been tested with a GE 26933 dimmer. It should also work with the Jasco and Honeywell branded models.

NOTE 2: The driver has not been tested on any newer firmware levels that use CRC16 for the message encoding. If you see CRC16 messages in the log when using this driver, that means you have one of those devices. I'll be happy to try and improve the driver to support those, but as I do not have any of that firmware revision, it may be slow going.


  • ON/OFF
  • Configuration of button inversion variable.
  • Configuration of motion and light parameters.
    • Light Off Time, Operating mode [manual, vacancy, occupancy], Motion sensor on/off, Motion sensitivity, Light Sensing for light ON/OFF, Motion Reset time
  • Configuration of dimmer parameters.
    • Dimmer steps/duration, Switch Mode, Default Dimmer Level when turning on.
  • Added command to change Default Dimmer Level.
    • Can use this in rules (via custom commands in RM, or directly in WATO, etc.) to set the default dimmer level. May be useful for mode/time based lighting where you want the light to come on a different level than the level it was at when it was turned off.

NOTE 1: Switch Mode simply makes the physical buttons work like a switch. And note that in that mode the physical buttons DO NOT obey the Default Dimmer Level - ON=100%.

NOTE 2: The dimming speed parameters don't likely work the way you think. They do 'stuff', but nothing all that useful - in my opinion. Could be a firmware bug, or could just be how they designed it.


  • none


  1. Install Driver code in Hubitat
  2. Apply to a GE/Jasco Z-Wave Plus Motion Dimmer device. Click save.
  3. Edit preferences, save preferences.
  4. Click Configure command button

Driver can be found on my GitHub

  • 1.0.0 (03/03/2019) - Initial version.
  • 1.1.0 (03/03/2019) - Update to fix some CRC16 encapsulation issues. Added command class version map.
  • 1.1.1 (03/03/2019) - Cleaned up some warning logging that should have been converted to debug.
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Thank you. I just installed this on one one of my dimmers for testing. So far so good.

v1.1 uploaded. Only changes are to CRC16 handling, so if you don't have CRC16 messages now, no need to update.

Can the "Light Sensing" ability of the Motion Switch/Dimmer be used in Hubitat? i.e. If the room is dark, turn the lights on with motion, but if there's ample light already (like Lux at the switch), don't turn lights on...

I'm poked around and am new to Hubitat, but didn't see how to access / use it.

No. That setting is internal to the device, and not exposed externally.

Jason, @JasonJoel

Is there any chance I can convince you, ask you, beg you, pay you to add support for the native Association Groups supported by this dimmer to your fantastic driver? Yours is currently the most functional out there, but this is one thing you seem to be missing. You support it in your non-motion drivers.


I'll think on it. It isn't that hard to do, really, since I can copy most of it from the other drivers.

Thanks so much for responding and considering the request. If there is anything I can do to help sway your thoughts to the positive, please let me know.


Will this work with the Jasco motion switch as well as the dimmer?

It would, but there is a separate driver for the switch posted on here.

Thanks, I found it on your GitHub.

@JasonJoel do you know a way to programmatically disable motion. I would like to disable motion overnight. I don't think I see a way to do anything through rule machine.

My driver doesn't expose a command to change the local motion behavior programmatically. I think the other user driver posted in the forums for this device can do that, though.

I didn't add that as I do all lighting control in the hub, as I prefer different dimmer levels during different modes.

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Just checking back with you. Have you given this any further thought?


I'll add it. Just need to find some time.

I think you can switch to one of jason’s other drivers and add the association groups and then switch back. I’m sure @JasonJoel will correct me if I’m wrong.

Driver updated. Try it out and let me know, as I didn't thoroughly test the association code since I took it from a known working driver.

I also added commands to switch motion mode from occupancy/vacancy/manual, as someone else requested that as well.


I upped v2.0.1... Made a small tweak to allow 100 as a valid default dimmer level (scales back to 99 internally).

v2.1.0 uploaded

2.1.0 (02/01/2020) - Added setLightTimeout and DebugLogging commands, added description logging, added state variables for default dimmer level/operating mode/and light timeout

v2.1.1 (02/01/2020) - Added digital/physical type indicators on the events

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