[IDEA] NHL Goal Alert

Semi-new and just getting familiar with Hubitat. I had an idea that I need to implement, and saw that @bptworld has something similar for MLB.

I'd like to have my Hue lights throughout the house light up red for the duration of the sequence then return to their previous state, flash the non-hue lights, and play an NHL Goal horn on all of the Google Home speakers with song after every goal scored for a specific, user selected team.

Any idea where to start and how to go about making this happen? I'm not yet comfortable programming from scratch on my own.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Oh and Welcome to Hubitat!


Well I'll be damned... I guess I should've searched for NHL or something. Thanks!

Can't wait to try this out! If it all works out, I'll gladly send you a donation!


If you haven't already, use Hubitat Package Manager to install and update BPT's apps. Package Manager also has many other nifty apps and drivers by Bryan and many other developers. It is searchable, and is organized by types, so it makes it much easier to find and install new things.


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