[BETA RELEASE] Fibaro Roller Shutter 3 (FGR-223)

I have made modifications and (hopefully) improvements to the FGR-223 driver that has been knocking around in the forums based on an original ST driver. Module parameter settings now work along with some other bugs I found in testing.


  1. I did not write the original driver, this is an update to get the full functionality of an original ST driver on Hubitat
  2. Testing was done on window motors, not specifically rollers, shutters, etc
  3. This is my first driver (please be gentle)
  4. Because this is based on another driver, I may not have the knowledge to fix/add/modify features

You can either install the driver from the github repository below or use [HPM] and look for "Fibaro FGR-223 Roller Shutter 3" or "Jonathan Michaelson".


Thank You! It's great. I have qubino flush shutter and fibaro roller shutter 3. Qubino haven't stop function. This driver is OK. This driver have stop function. I move roller shutter with it. The only problem is that there are no tiles with a stop function. The factory shading tile (shade) does not have a stop icon. If you could make a tile that has a stop function, that would be great.

I'm not sure that's possible as it's not part of the windowShade capability. However, what you definitely can do (I just did it) is to:

  • Create a Virtual Switch and set it to auto-off
  • Create a Rule Machine rule that triggers when the virtual switch changes to on
  • Create an action for the rule that is a Custom Command, select Custom Command as Run Custom Command, select Switch as the Actuator as the capability and then select your Fibaro Roller Shutter device. From there you select "stop" as the Custom command and save the rule
  • Now you can add the virtual switch to your dashboard. When you select it it will issue the stop command to the device to configured it for when it is opening or closing

Thanks. I'll try. Do you know, will be window shade in the near future?

I have not idea, sorry.

This driver is now available in [HPM].

Thanks. I just have a little problem. Shutter status is not updated on the dashboard. Not on a dashboard on a single device, but if I put the dashboard on multiple devices (e.g. PC and tablet) then they don’t sync the status of the shutters either. What could be the problem?

No idea, sorry. I can't see it being an issue with the driver. If it updates on the device page it should update on the dashboard as they're using the same data.

The roller shutter remains at a certain value while it is closed. The percentages are not synchronized and the percentages are not correct. Seems like the value stays frozen when using the shutter in a rule.

I have this problem with 5 Fibaro FGR -222 And yes I know it is actually intended for the FGR -223.

Hopefully someone can modify the driver for the FGR-222.

New driver release to add virtual enable/disable functionality provided by @maffpt.

Hello friend, I installed the drive this week, working normal until then, but yesterday it crashed and today it crashed again, the % reading is showing wrong on the dashboard (259% and other random values), when it crashes, it does not open and does not close .

Unfortunately, I did not write this driver. I updated it to function with Hubitat and fixed some errors, but wouldn't be able to troubleshoot it for you. That said, what you're describing sounds more like a hardware issue that the driver.

Ok my friend! Tnk you!
Were you able to configure the dashboard return? mine is not showing the correct % and when I give the command to close, the dashboard appears as if it was still open, but it is closed.

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