MyQ Chamberlain Garage Door

I think this is the main issue. It is saying the the device number ID is invalid. Meaning is isn’t able to connect to the sensor.

First I would check to see if your sensor is working from the device screen and then go into the myq app and see if you have the correct sensor connected to the app.

My guess is that it isn't. I have the native MyQ sensor in place. I think I remember it being possible to set up MyQ without sensor, Is this DOA until a different sensor is installed?

You really want to have a sensor. It doesn’t work properly without one. Search the myQ threads for a detailed discussion.

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I've been using the ST code for this for a while and I am ready to move the garage door over to the HE. I'm nervous as it currently works very well on ST and I am not using a sensor.

Will a contact sensor work just as well on this or does it have to be a tilt sensor?

It will.


Welcome to the community!

I use the Aeotec Door/Window Sensor 7, and it works perfectly. However, it was a bit difficult to mount so that it indicated “closed” reliably when the door was down. I had to use a Dremel tool to make an oval hole in the edge of a door section fro receive the magnet, and an odd wood frame to hold the sensor beside the track where the cable and moving door wouldn’t knock it off. Once mounted, though, it’s worked perfectly.

Dominic Meglio (@dman2306) did an excellent port of Brian Beaird’s SmartThings MyQ driver. Works well.

I strongly suggest that you use Hubitat Package Manager (HPM), also by Dominic Meglio (@dman2306) to install and configure it.

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Yes, I used HPM to install the drivers for my Ring Cameras and Doorbell. I'm not sure exactly how I did it, (I'm really in over my head) but I was able to get it done. Despite being in over my head, everyone here has been a great help.

I'm going to try this tonight and see how it goes.

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If you have difficulty, please post back and we will try to help. Again, I strongly urge you to get a contact or tilt sensor so that things work reliably. There is a question during HPM installation of MyQ that asks whether you have a sensor, and it configures things accordingly.

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I installed MyQ through HPM last night and it seemed to go well. Something went wrong for a little while and I tried reinstalling it. I finally figured out I had to delete the device before it would uninstall. But I got it uninstalled and reinstalled easily after that. Door goes up and down without a hitch.

I wasn't able to get the sensor up because I'm not sure about the connection and my double stick tape was old and the sticky was no good. I think I will go back and change it over to the no-sensor though tonight until I track down some good double stick tape and test it to see if it stays connected. I suspect it was iffy last night because I was standing between the sensor and the HE. I'm hoping if I can get it stuck and get out of the way it'll work just fine. Either way I should be getting some outlets to use as extenders for Christmas. That or I can bring the HE out of the basement. :man_shrugging:

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A better approach, rather than moving your hub, would be to get some mesh repeaters between your sensor and the hub because this might be a weak mesh issue. The Hubitat hub’s antenna gain doesn’t seem to be as strong as that of SmartThings. I solved this by building a strong mesh. See:

You don’t say which hub you have and whether your sensor is Zigbee or Z-Wave. If your hub a C-7, and your sensor is Z-Wave (as my Aeotec Recessed Door/Window Sensor 7 is), I would suggest the Ring Extender 2 (I’ve got 4 and they work fine). It has internal battery backup, uses a Z-Wave Plus Series 700 chip, and sends events on power fail (switch to battery). It’s a little tricky to pair, and apparently won’t send power fail events unless paired S2.


Sorry, I just bought a new C-7 and I'm using a V1 Iris contact sensor. I'm hoping to pick up a couple of Centralite zigbee plugs as repeaters. I've ordered a lot of 10 Iris V3 door contacts from ebay to use all over the house.

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I couldn't get the contact sensor to reliably report back to the HE when I tried to attach it to the garage door. I found the magnet kept getting knocked off the door in one place so I tried to place it over the top of the door but I couldn't get it to change reliably on the HE. I guess I'm out of range and need a zigbee repeater. I've been trying to do all of this under the radar from my wife. She doesn't share my new found enthusiasm for smart home devices. So I cant immediately buy a repeater. Like I said, I'm hoping to pick up a couple over Christmas.

Is there any way to tell if the problem is range? I'd also like to use a waterproof enclosed contact sensor as a pool temp monitor but I am hesitant as I don't know how to tell if my sensor has lost connection to the HE. I checked into Device Watchdog but I'm not sure how to utilize that for my purposes. Also I've seen mention several times of the Xbee but I'm sure buying another device would make waves in my household and alert my wife to my slow and steady pursuit of a smarter home.

Someone who uses Zigbee may be able to help you. All of my devices are Z-Wave. I’ve only got about a dozen devices, and 4 of those are repeaters. Other devices are Lutron Caseta and Hue.

With Z-Wave, I’ve got a Z-Wave Toolbox device that can do spectrum analysis and signal strength.

However, candidly, if you even slightly believe that the issue is signal strength, the quick, easy, and inexpensive solution would be to add a repeater. Just avoid light bulbs, they are poor repeaters. A Zigbee smart outlet would do the job. I’ve got a couple of innr outlets that repeat Zigbee that I used when I had a SmartThings multiSensor (my first try at a garage sensor).

Here are a couple of pictures in the forum show various ways to mount a garage door sensor:

I described upthread how I did my mounting of an Aeotec Door/Window Sensor 7. It’s not pretty, but it works and is hidden. I chose that sensor, one of the first devices I bought, because it can also be configured to use external contacts rather than the internal magnet sensor. It has worked well for me.

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If you don't have sufficient quantities of either Zigbee or Zwave repeating devices, you are going to have a poor installation. It will never quite be "correct" and you will constantly be battling dropped or inoperative devices.

I would avoid these. I am not certain what your outcome may be, but they seem to cause some users trouble. And they aren't all that cheap considering you can get used Zigbee stuff on Ebay and elsewhere for less, especially if you buy in quantities. And as a bonus you can control things like lights or other things. For example, the Iris 3210-l outlets have been as low as about $10 each in groups of 5 ($50 total).

I am probably the last person who should give relationship advice, but I think you and your wife need to sit down and have a frank conversation about budget for this and/or any of your other hobbies. I am sure she also wants to have her own weekly/monthly allowance too, so maybe this is a good time to sit and talk household finances in general. (And no is not a conversation by the way) In my relationship we each get an allowance which includes gas money, lunch/dinner out, and whatever "fun" stuff we want to do or buy individually. If I want something, I either don't dine out all week, or I save some every week until I can purchase something. Theoretically all large purchases above "X" dollars get discussed first.

Anyway, way off topic, but I don't see how you are going to solve this Zigbee issue unless you spend some money by buying devices.

Lol. Most of us started out this way. Baby steps. My wife likes Alexa but I got in trouble the other day when the under counter lights in the kitchen dimmed (according to mode of course) and she told me to stop doing that.

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There may be some repeaters that can fit inside a wall box behind switch or receptacle so it can’t be seen. Such devices exist to turn dumb receptacles into smart receptacles. I know they exist for Z-Wave, may exist for Zigbee.


Yep, there are Zigbee relays/modules, but they often seem to be much more expensive than other Zigbee devices.

You would be better off price-wise with an outlet "hidden" above the garage door in that outlet. I use one as a repeater in that location, and it is fairly inconspicuous unless you are really looking for it.


Awesome ways to use the sensors. I think I'll give the hinge a try first. I've got a couple sitting around and that's a pretty simple fix.

Yeah in trying to set up a couple more contact sensors last night, I continued to have problems. I think a repeater on the opener outlet makes sense.

I've hesitated to start on hardwired switch or receptacle replacement as the small devices so far have been rather cheap and easy to integrate into the home but it looks like that's going to be the most effective way for all of these things to work together.

I'm suddenly getting a CLOSING STATUS on 1 of my sensors even though the door is closed. This has worked flawlessly up to this point but last night, this 'closing' status came up. Despite refreshes and even opening the door myself - no change. The MyQ sees the correct status (I still have the myQ sensors on the doors). I'm using the Samsung Multi-sensor bottom half as the door sensors. I have 2 doors, the other, is fine. Any ideas?

And now the other door shows opened when it's not. Things are rapidly deteoriating. :frowning:

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