Feature request - Groups/Zones for contact sensors

Remember that whenever you have two doors that open against each other, you don’t need to sensors you need one. One has the magnet the other has the sensor. Only time you would need to in that situation is when you need to know specifically which door is open

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I tried that, I couldn't get it to trigger 100% with only one sensor. I don't know if it was this particular brand/type sensor, or the spacing of the doors, or what. It was much more reliable, and less fiddling with sensors, with both doors having a separate sensor.

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It’s probably either one of those. I’m using a Xiaomi sensor on my fridge which is the style with the top freezer. It is very reliable, but alignment took a little bit of trial and error.

'Average All' will group:
Motion sensors, contacts,switches

Motion.. active if any active, inactive when ALL inactive
Contacts... Open if any open, closed when ALL closed
Switches... On if any on.. off when ALL off



Thanks for this...very useful and much faster than using RuleMachine. Any chance you could add locks to this too? I use this group to change a status RGB to let me know when the house is all locked up properly before arming the alarm for night.

Same concept? One lock is unlocked, consider it unlocked?

Locks are a bit different than contacts because they have commands. What should the lock/unlock commands do? Unlock/lock all in the group?

Yeah, same concept as the contacts with unlocked/locked just like open/close. I have 5 z-wave locks that I want to check that all of them are locked just like all of my contact sensors. Or even if they can be grouped up with the contact sensor group would even be better. I have a RGB light that I turn green when all the selected contact sensors and locks are closed/locked. Not a huge problem it its too much trouble just thought it would be nice rather than having RM checking each lock too.

Thanks again!

I plan to work on this today.

I added a new child grouping for locks, you might want to look at [BETA] Hubitat Package Manager as a means of installing this. As things get more and more child apps, installing it manually gets to be more and more work.

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That’s awesome. Thank you for doing this!

No problem. Let me know how it works for you

Seems to be working great! Thanks again.

@dman2306 Thanks for creating an awesome app. Works great for me too.

A request ... could you make a similar child for water sensors?

Thanks again for the awesome contribution.

Same concept I assume. All dry = dry. Any wet = wet?


Just another quick idea to layer onto the recent posts above. Another flag that says if all the child apps are positive or negative. This could then be used to provide an overall status for the property (eg. all locks are locked, all contacts are closed, all leak detectors are dry). Use case - I'm building a dashboard where I want an overall status light for the property (green is "everything good", yellow is "something is bad", red is "everything is bad" or something major is bad" etc).

Thank you for considering it! And sorry for the inevitable scope creep as soon as you've put a great app together!

@dman2306 ... Yea that's what I had in mind.

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Hmm trying to think of how to do that because it would require creating some kind of device to report that state. I'll think about that more but work on the leak sensor first.

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Just pushed 1.4.0 which adds a new child app for a grouped leak sensor


Awesome. Thanks.
I'll check it out tonight.

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Much Thanks. The updated app worked great for me.

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