MyQ Chamberlain Garage Door

So activating IFFFT is not a requirement for this to work.

I'm no expert but I can say the same thing happened to me with the password because I was using the wrong credentials. Please go login to myQ (directly) to validate youre using the correct information. Then come back to HE and try again. If it still doesn't work, check your logs to see what the issue is. When I installed this initially, I wasn't using the correct credentials. I separated the installation of the app (with no sensor) from the use of the actual tilt/sensor piece to get it all working if that makes sense. I used what was recommended above, ST multi purpose sensor v5. There's a 2 piece magnet. You just put the larger half on the garage doors and in the device page ensure you check the option that says, "using with garage door". Also check that you actually have the momentary buttons with your device page for open and close for each door. Hope this helps. I struggled initially but stuck with it & relied on this unbelievably fantastic community and they pulled me through.


Installation Details:
There was a problem updating devices:
java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property 'deviceNetworkId' on null object.
Line number: 609
Last successful step: Sensor Indexing

I saw the 2 above posts mentioning this error too but I'm not sure I follow if there's a solution. I don't yet have a contact/tilt sensor to use with my 2 myQ garage doors.. I was going to try the IFTTT route after I got this device added initially.

I did login to myQ and the credentials are correct. In fact the app detects both of my garage doors fine.

Here's where I'm running into this error:

^^ nevermind.. I was following this post here and just installed the wrong device driver. For anyone else who might see that post - step 6 requires you to pick from a couple of options depending on your setup

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Anyone else having problems? I've had to go relogin (refuses password a few times) to get the app re-authenticated. Works for a few hours and then stops again, I've updated drivers to latest too, still happens.

How recently did you update the app code? There are new changes as of 3 days ago:


Oakweb. May I suggest you look into Hubitat Package Manager. It keeps track of community-created apps and drivers that you have installed and allows you to update without pain. It is a little complex to install but all elements are free (with donations appreciated). Once installed the update and new installation process of cooperating integrations are VERY EASY.


I saw this earlier but it corrected itself abotu an hour and half ago for me.

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all good now, thanks

Got Package Manager installed, not complex at all! Thanks for the tip.


Hey there everyone! I just got my Hubitat yesterday and my first "project" is to get my MyQ garage door to work with it. I did get a Ecolink tilt sensor as well.
Now, dumb question time. Do I need to get the MyQ hub for this, or is a Hubitat unit and a tilt sensor all I need?

Welcome to the community!

There are many ways to do it, and it depends on what model LiftMaster/Chamberlain opener you have. Does the mobile MyQ app on your phone work to operate the door?

The problem is that certain later versions of the wall push button switch send encoded signals to the opener, rather than just closing a circuit. So, some just solder wires to the switch contacts and use a Z-Wave relay (e.g., Zooz Zen-16) to momentarily “push” the button. You can search these forums for that solution, or, if you cannot find it, I will look and post the link. The advantage of this approach is that control remains local, with no Chamberlain cloud interaction.

Others have an opener that already works with the mobile MyQ app, and then it can be made to work with the sensor you bought and the MyQ Lite app. Some types of openers need the MyQ hub you mention to get this internet connectivity to the Chamberlain cloud.

Others, like me, have an older “MyQ ready” opener that is not internet connected, and have to buy (on eBay) the 828-LM Internet Gateway (Ethernet, not WiFi) that simulates an opener button on commands received from the Chamberlain/LiftMaster cloud, which enables the MyQ mobile app and MyQ Lite Hubitat driver to work.

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Is the app broken? Min has stop working...

Mine IS working but last night at 12:36AM EST, one of my doors just arbitrarily opened. Thankfully, I have a rule that closes my doors if opened after 11pm in 5 min, but the wife heard the door and flipped. I saw an error but didn't get a chance to capture it.

I'm getting:

app:722020-11-11 09:23:10.339 am debugInvalid doorDNI for sensor Garage Door Contact (demo)

app:722020-11-11 09:23:10.337 am debugUpdating door status: null Garage Door Contact (demo)

app:722020-11-11 09:23:10.311 am debugRefreshing CG084613C8B1 nul

Any ideas, pleeeeease?

I think this is the main issue. It is saying the the device number ID is invalid. Meaning is isn’t able to connect to the sensor.

First I would check to see if your sensor is working from the device screen and then go into the myq app and see if you have the correct sensor connected to the app.

My guess is that it isn't. I have the native MyQ sensor in place. I think I remember it being possible to set up MyQ without sensor, Is this DOA until a different sensor is installed?

You really want to have a sensor. It doesn’t work properly without one. Search the myQ threads for a detailed discussion.

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I've been using the ST code for this for a while and I am ready to move the garage door over to the HE. I'm nervous as it currently works very well on ST and I am not using a sensor.

Will a contact sensor work just as well on this or does it have to be a tilt sensor?

It will.


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I use the Aeotec Door/Window Sensor 7, and it works perfectly. However, it was a bit difficult to mount so that it indicated “closed” reliably when the door was down. I had to use a Dremel tool to make an oval hole in the edge of a door section fro receive the magnet, and an odd wood frame to hold the sensor beside the track where the cable and moving door wouldn’t knock it off. Once mounted, though, it’s worked perfectly.

Dominic Meglio (@dman2306) did an excellent port of Brian Beaird’s SmartThings MyQ driver. Works well.

I strongly suggest that you use Hubitat Package Manager (HPM), also by Dominic Meglio (@dman2306) to install and configure it.

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Download the Hubitat app