[RELEASE] Epson Projector Driver

Releasing Epson Projector Driver. Only tested with Epson Home Cinema 5050UB using an ethernet cable. Probably should work for other home cinema projectors and maybe other epson projectors too.

Installation Options


  • Turn on and off projector
  • Get status
  • Get and set source
  • Get lamp runtime hours
  • Poll projector every X seconds when offline

Turning On

You must set the Standby Mode to Standby Mode: Communication On or equivalent for your model so that the driver can turn on the projector when it is in standby. If you have this setup, you don't need to poll the projector every X seconds.


Tested on models:

  • Epson 5050UB Home Cinema

Not Supported

Driver does not support projectors that require a password to access it over the network.