Another ST user feeling frustrated

Hi there, this is my first post. I received my Hubitat Elevation Model C-7 Hub yesterday. I currently have Smartthings, Hue, Energenie and Hive hubs. To keep it simple I decided to unpair from Smartthings one motion sensor and one Zigbee colour bulb then set up a simple motion event. Pairing was very simple and I used the Simple Automation Rules to turn on the light from sunset to midnight. I was very impressed on the speed of activation. I then realised that I needed to also control a wifi bulb through Amazon Echo using the Smartthings motion sensor as a trigger. I installed the Amazon Echo App on the web interface but on the Select Devices Screen - Select Switches only the bulb is shown, not the Smartthings Motion Sensor (Generic Zigbee Motion Sensor)
I have spent 24 hours trying to find a resolution. I read that this was a problem earlier but has been fixed.
I hope someone can help point me in the right direction.

Many thanks.

Trying to understand what exactly you're trying to do. The bulb and motion sensor are on the Hubitat hub correct? Then there is another wifi bulb on which hub? Hue hub? ST hub? HubConnect can link those hubs to hubitat and you can replicate the devices over. HubConnect will sync the virtual device with the real device.

Alternatively you could create a virtual switch along with a rule to turn off and on the switch when motion detected and when not in Hubitat and a routine in Alexa to piddle with the light.

You could also just bring the wifi bulb over to Hubitat. I have some Kasa RGBW wifi bulbs connected directly to Hubitat via the LAN.

Also might want to look into loading Hubitat Package Manager. Makes installing popular apps a lot easier.

Hi Lewis and thank you for taking time to reply.

The bulb and motion sensor are on the Hubitat hub correct?

Yes that is correct

Before I bought the Hubitat hub the Smartthings motion sensor was also available within the Alexa app and I could use it to control devices that wasn't available to Smartthings, so I used The Alexa routines to control these devices.

After reading back this answer I am not sure if I have explained clearly enough.


In this instance the devices you think aren't available to Hubitat because they haven't been moved over, do you have any integrations setup to link the other hubs to Hubitat besides Alexa? If you can get local access to the device it will work a lot better.

This method will work for a quick and dirty to get it working.

By using this app all the devices I have installed on the Hubitat hub are available to use by the Alexa app.

Only the Smartthings motion sensor, so far, doesn't show in the Amazon Echo App.

But they are all unchecked.... Maybe check them and save the settings?


Yea, you don't have any selected though.

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Sorry, I know they are unchecked, what I am trying to show is that the motion sensor is not shown, I have just installed, on the Hubitat hub, the Smartthings multifunction sensor V5, and that too does not show as being available to use on the Amazon Echo app.

I don't use Alexa anymore since I threw her in the pool, but there is another app called Amazon Echo Skill. Does that one let you use the motion sensor? It lets me select all my motion sensors and motion zones.




Brilliant. That was the answer. I deleted the Amazon Alexa App and installed the Amazon Alexa Skill. All the devices I had installed on the hubitat hub are now available for selection.

Thank you so much for your assistance, it is much appreciated.

Np, once I saw you were using the other app I clued in. I always just used the skill app so it didn't dawn on me.

I am now going to read up on what you mentioned earlier about using wifi bulbs. A lot to learn and too many questions at the moment so I will do some research before opening my mouth lol.

The method varies for lan devices. There are a lot of native integrations and can use a driver and just put the ip in. Make sure to assign a static. For connecting hubs the method also varies depending on what you are connecting to but HubConnect and the Hue integration are two of the bigger ones.

No reason not to ask. The people on the forums are super helpful and can usually get you an answer in minutes.

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Note that, with only the two devices, you’ve got a pretty weak Z-Wave mesh on the Hubitat hub.


Thanks for that tip. I'm upto 34 devices now, slowly migrating away from Hue and Smartthings.

I'm learning to overcome problems, before I add to them lol.


Just another idea to consider. I've put all my lights on a Hue hub at 2 properties. I much prefer it's robustness over Hubitat. It's utterly reliable. Then I've linked Hue to Hubitat using the provided standard Hue app. It works well. It is a polling solution so if you adjust the lights directly with Hue, it takes a little time for Hubitat dashboards to respond. I did this to isolate the mesh for my lamps (Hue and Gledopto) away from the rest of my Zigbee devices. It's really helped my mesh a lot.