Super Tiles Alternative

There is Tile Master - Hubitat/Apps/Tile Master at master · bptworld/Hubitat · GitHub
Which might help out with what you need to do.

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Thank You

Your work sounds amazing and don’t let the few with the low IQ get you down. It only makes you closer to them :thinking::wink:.

I for one would love to see your work back up so we can all admire it and congratulate you. And respect your license requirements :+1:. It’s your hard work after all! Also, I would definitely send you a donation for a Cost-A-Lot coffee, cake and beer :beer:


Super Tiles will be back soon....



NodeRed has a great dashboard tool, and can hook into Hubitat. Things like analogue gauges are a breeze. You obviously need another device to run it, but if you have a tablet always on, this could do the job. The dashboard on Hubitat is it's greatest weakness for me.

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I agree. After Patrick left and dashboard development (seemingly) all but stopped, I moved all of my dashboards over to node-red.

Now node-red dashboards aren't perfect either (a number of quirks I have to manage)... But they work better for my use cases than the Hubitat dashboards did.

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Except you can not find it. I get 404 errors.



Access is currently disabled.

They will approve your account, just give it some time. It's 5:30pm there, he could be grabbing dinner or drinks :laughing:

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Account enabled/approved.


Tile Master has errors in the code and can not be saved.

I can see the WU update but not Super Tiles.

got it

FYI if you wanna use Tile Master load the newest version via Hubitat Package Manager. or post an issue in it's thread here. The app does work, I use it.

The child code is HUGE!!

I can not find the SuperTileDisplayDevice to set up the virtual display the child App.

Isn't it at the bottom of the Super Tile page on Andy's website?

The code was hidden further down the page. It scrolls difficultly.
Try it again....

...much better, so far. I made it through set-up. I do more later.

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