[RELEASE] Tile Master - Display multiple devices that can be Controlled from the tile!

*** BPTWorld apps are no longer being developed or maintained. Thanks ***

Introducing 'Tile Master'
Display multiple devices that can be Controlled from the tile!


  • Each Tile can have up to 9 lines (remember, we are still limited to 1024 characters)
  • Ability to copy one line to another for faster setup
  • Each line features up to 3 sections
  • Choose width of each section per line
  • Display a different device in each section
  • Devices can be CONTROLLED from within the tile. Game changer!
  • Each section can change color based on Device Value
  • Ability to select an ICON to replace Device Value!
  • Display custom text before and after any device per section
  • Choose custom colors, font size, bold, italic, decoration and alignment per section
  • Ability to set up clickable links in any text field
  • Wildcard options for Last Activity, Current Date, Current Time and Web Links
  • Changeable Date/Time formatting
  • Parent/Child/Driver App structure
  • Copy one child app settings to another child app!
  • Create as many child apps and Devices as needed
  • Each child app will now automatically create the Tile Device if needed

Take a look at this post for some great screenshots from @dan. Thanks Dan!

Apps can be found on my GitHub or by using Bundle Manager.

When reporting problems...

  • Be sure you are on the latest version. I won't troubleshoot an older version.
  • Turn on debug and screenshot the issue happening in the log. One line or just the error doesn't cut it. I need a log.
  • Post the screenshot of the log with an explanation of the problem.


To Display on Dashboard:

  • Close ALL dashboards
  • Add the 'Device' to the Hubitat Dashboard app
  • Open Dashboard
  • Click '+'
  • Select 'Device', 'Attribute', 'bpt-xxxxxx'

Example Weather tile:



I loaded the app, but I'm not sure how to achieve what I want. When it asks for a virtual switch to send the info, I'm not sure how to configure this virtual switch. I have a true use for this, but could you offer some clarification on the fields?

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I assume you mean the 'virtual device'. This is a device that you create using 'add virtual device' button and then selecting my Tile Master Driver as the 'Type'. How to install an app and driver is covered over on Github within each apps download page.

This is the device that will hold the tile info to display on the dashboard.

As for all the options within each line. Play around with them and look at the sample tile that's created.


Working perfectly so far. Although I've only made a few simple tiles.

Two thoughts:

  1. It would be nice if you could have a text-only line with no device attribute. Like a TITLE row when used in line 1.
  2. One other thing that would be a nice, low priority suggestions is that on the ample tile preview on the child app, if the text selection is WHITE you can't see the preview at all (as the background is white). Would be cool if the preview had a different background or just previewed in a non-white color so we could see it.

Title line, easy... Just select one section and enter some text and no device. Look at my example in post 2.

Also, working on changing the background color on the sample tile section.


Doh. I obviously didn't try that. I did try selecting a device and no attribute, but that doesn't work (for obvious reasons).

Very nice job on this. I had my 1st tile done in probably <5 minutes including the initial code install. Easy peasy.



Two comments.

Not sure why the top line isn't actually centered. I'll look at that. It is just a 1 section line, with the text in the 'text before' section, alignment=center.

Is there a way to get rid of the device name at the bottom yet? I know there didn't used to be, but haven't looked into it for a long time.

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This is looking great! Still playing with the options, but I'm very impressed so far. :+1:

Here is my first effort which replaces 4 different tiles which had to have various text overlays. This is so much better!


What do you select for a dashboard template when adding it to the dashboard?


Make sure the table length is the same for each line

Not that I know of but I honestly haven't looked either :wink:

Select the device created for that child app, then attribute, then tile01

I'm doing something wrong

. Just downloaded the three files. Installed them. Created a device. Loaded tile Master. Created child app assigned device. But when I try to configure I get a exception.

Looks like you didn't use the Tile Master Driver to create the device...

Oops used home tracker. Don't do home automation after drinking..:grinning:

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They are all 300 wide. Title Line=1 section of 100%. Other lines are 2 sections, 50% each. Not the end of the world, just a little wacky.

Would drive me nuts though if it was on my screen. lol. I'll keep looking.

New version on gitHub...

V2.0.2 - 09/21/19 - Added device value color options

V2.0.2 - 09/21/19 - Added background colors to sample tile, Added preview to section buttons on main screen, Added device value color options to each device selection section, Lots of little adjustments

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New version...

V2.0.3 - 09/22/19 - Added color options for Temperature and Battery Levels

V2.0.3 - 09/22/19 - Added color options for Temperature and Battery Levels

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Hi Bryan.
Loving your new release and your latest update to allow us to use colours.
Unfortunately us non-US people we tend to use centigrade.
Would it be possible to either make the Temp range definable to allow for lower centigrade inputs or have a button to pick centigrade or Fahrenheit.


Fixed, please redownload the parent and child apps. No increment in the version.


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