Door Controller from Lock and Feedback

I've had door feedback for a while. I used the Aeotec Door/Window Sensor 7 Series

I just installed a Kwikset ZW500 (lock with no keypad). Shows up as a Schlage FE599/BE369 Lock

How do I combine these into a functioning 'door' so that I can use the door control dashboard element? I don't see a built in app for doors and have exhausted everything I know to try. What am I missing

I'm not sure I understand your question. By "door feedback" do you mean a contact sensor that tells you whether a door is open or closed? Does the device driver for the lock work even though it is misidentified? And last I think the door control dashboard tile is meant for garage door openers, though I could be wrong since I don't actually have a garage! I don't see anything in your post about having a device to open and shut the door, just a contact sensor and lock. If that's the case you can definitely create tiles that represent both, as long as the kwikset lock is actually working with the driver.

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The door feedback is magnetic contact.

The lock and unlock command work from the device page, so I would consider that as working. There are no preloaded drivers for kwikset, so I wouldn't know what else to use.

There is a Garage (control) template for garage doors. I assumed the door controller was for displaying a door status along with giving the ability to click it to lock or unlock it.

Perhaps others can weigh in on this but I don't think that's the case. I think it's meant for a garage door opener controller that actually opens and closes the door. I just use a door status tile and a lock tile side by side. The lock tile lets you lock and unlock the door. I also use the "reliable door lock" app, which has some built-in retries and improves the reliability of the lock.

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I also use a contact sensor and lock tile side by side, and I also use the reliable lock app.

I have a Kwikset 914 z-wave + lock. I use the "generic z-wave lock" driver. That's the one that's recommended in the list of compatible devices documentation for all of the Kwikset z-wave locks.

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I changed to the generic driver and it at least works correctly from the lock tile.

This is disappointing to have to use two tiles for what one could do. I have 5 exterior doors and was hoping to consolidate the functionality.

I'm wondering what it would show? Whether the door is open or closed is a different question from whether a lock is locked or not. Those are two different devices.

You could try an app like Tile Master. I think that would allow you to consolidate those two tiles.

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Yes on both accounts. Unless you have some type of door opener, I am not sure what a combined tile would get you anyway?

I suppose you could have an app that simulated a garage door from the door lock and contact sensor, but again if you don't have an auto opener or closer, I am not sure what it would get you?

There are the apps like Tile Master above (there are others too if I remember correctly) if you just want a status tile. But you won't have control with that combined tile.

Maybe I am not understanding, but why wouldn't having the lock and the door open status side by side be sufficient? Is there some use case we aren't understanding here?

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If you’re trying to save real estate you can always use CSS to create transparent tiles and overlay them…


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