Sonoff Zigbee Temperature/Humidity Sensor

Just installed the Sonoff SNZB-02 Zigbee Temperature & Humidity Sensor and used the driver for this device but it is only displaying temperature and battery health percentage and no humidity on the display. I checked the device parameters and it is sensing the humidity. I am using the built in driver for the device. Any help appreciated...thanks

You have to add a separate "Humidity" tile to see the humidity state. worked great....I really need to work on my dashboard skills...

If you want them on the same tile, you can use this app - [RELEASE] Tile Master - Display multiple devices that can be Controlled from the tile! - I've put multiple temps/humidities on one to save some screen real estate.

Just a quick question if you don't mind. Does it work straight with Hubitat? No other hubs needed?



How often does it report or update temperature changes?


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