Combined temperature and humidity tile

Combined temperature and humidity tile is something that would very useful to present the room temp/humity in a nice way, and to preserve space in the dash board.

Below is how it was presented when using Imperihome /Vera


? Are looking for something like this? [RELEASE] Tile Master - Display multiple devices that can be Controlled from the tile!

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I am actually ended up using your app! But, it is a bit cumbersome when you have a lot of sensors, that should look the same way, since you need to create a new device for each. It would have been some much less work and cleaner If one could edit or create your own tile templates.

I wanted to put in a feature request for the combined tile, since many sensors report both humidity and temperature, and could be useful also for other people if such tile existed.

That being said, Tile Master is a savior, which is helping with the limitations in the dashboard. Thanks for creating and maintaining it!

I totally agree! It should be natively supported.

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Agreed, would love to see a combined temp/humidity tile available out of the box. As it stands, I'm just updating drivers to add a custom attribute that contains both, which can be displayed using the "attribute" tile, but that seems less-than-stellar.

Any news on this, or has someone found a better looking solution ?

I generally just overlay a couple of tiles and add some CSS to create the appearance of a single tile:


but several people use:

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