[RELEASE] Tile Master - Display multiple devices that can be Controlled from the tile!

The code is fine... It is just an optical issue with having 2 sections of equal size, and the left column having a lot more text than the right.

I went back to 1 section per line, and everything lines up fine.

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Thanks Bryan.

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One more...

V2.0.4 - 09/22/19 - Code changes to make the html footprint smaller (less of a hit to the character count)

V2.0.2 - 09/22/19 - Removed 'Font Size', Also added new attribute: lastUpdated, removed several 'state.*'

Hi @bptworld I noticed the table width has to be a fixed number.
As a result it is difficult to write a dashboard looking good for devices with different resolutions or ratios.
Is it possible to set a value (0?) defaulting dinamically to the width value of the tile in the current device, scaling consistently the section dimensions?
Thank you a lot for your code !

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I like the app section alignment way. Neverthless the lines does'nt start from the top and the interline estate seems to me a little bit too much.
Look at the following image. The upper tile let much more space to the contents.

May be I was not able to tune those parameters...

New version on github...

V2.0.5 - 09/22/19 - Table spacing enhancements

Dynamic width calculation :clap:

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I've just noticed that my solar power attribute displays nothing when the value drops to zero. Is this expected? When it is generating is shows Solar 1200W etc.

While I was editing a child i've got erorors errors and I cannot access anymore the child (i get "Cannot invoke method toLowerCase() on null object" error)

Hi @roberto & @bptworld
I got this earlier and I think it is caused by using a low case letter for the first letter when defining the colour.
So if you use 'black' the error will get generated. If I use 'Black' it doesn't.
I THINK this is what is causing it but I am not 100% sure.
Put it this way, when I did use a capital at the front of the colour, I haven't had the error.
I was going to raise/pass this on but you beat me to it. :smile:

Sorry about that! Go ahead and download the child app again. Should be fixed.

lol, no ... that's not it. Had nothing to do with colors. :wink:

Oh well. That was my best guess and being the coder that I am, I find it hard to remember my chip and pin code :blush:, it stopped when I put a capital in for the colour.
Great service again Bryan.

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Perfect. Now I can enter again in the child configuration

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Are the number of sections depending on the sizie of the tile? I noticed that I cannot set more than 3 sections (where these more before?).

Nope, always been 3 section per line, 5 lines

Ok. Increasing age .... :slight_smile:

Character number limit reached... I could'nt insert 5 lines with device temperature values.
Html tables consume...

Okay. That's how it goes. We all have to live within the constraints of the 1024 character limit.

Been working on this for a while... clickable links!

New version on github...

V2.0.6 - 09/22/19 - Added ability to use links on tiles


This really is a brilliant app. I'm using it in various places now to tidy up things that the basic dashboard simply can't do.

One very, very minor bug I've found. I noticed that even with debug turned off everywhere I was getting a live log entry like this:

2019-09-25 01:37:37.918 pm debugIn sampleTileHandler - theTileLength01: 189 - tTL02: 190 - tTL03: 194 - tTL04: 196 - tTL05: 0

and think I have found the issue.

Line 1314 of the Tile Master Child app code looks like it is just missing the "if(logEnable)" before the log command. I've manually added to mine and it has stopped the log appearing.

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