[BETA] Hubitat Package Manager

Fixed, Thanks!

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The only weirdness I have observed is that all packages seem to report current (I.E. apps that were previously installed before installing Package Manager) version of 0.0 when running the update check no matter what version I am really on. I have apps from (I think) all the developers currently implementing this app and they all seem to have the same "bug".

The only side effect is when you go to update you get duplicates even if the new package is the same version as the old package.

The 0.0 means you selected NOT to mark them as up-to-date. There's no way for the app to know what version things were that it didn't install, unfortunately. It's just a placeholder to make sure the version is definitely seen as "old". It definitely shouldn't be duplicating though. Which apps did that?

this is awesome. Just installed the ecobee suite and it was so much easier. thank you so much for your hard work. I just hope hubconnect and hubduino take adavantage!

@dman2306 I'm in the process of creating the JSONs for my Apps and Drivers and I'm wondering if there would be a conflict with anything if I would add an "internalId" property to Apps and Drivers in the manifest? I have internal Ids for everything I want to be able to easily map back to the data in the manifest.
If this needs you to make any changes I can submit it as an Issue on GitHub, otherwise I'll just go ahead and ask for that property name to be reserved and ignored by the Package Manager.


    "id" : "67d9cc01-a5cb-453c-832a-e78c5a6b978b",
    "internalId" : 946,
    "name": "The App",
    "namespace": "abc.theapp",
    "location": "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/app.groovy",
    "required": true,
    "oauth": false

You're not asking for it to do anything, just to be able to exist? Yeah that won't break anything. It will just be ignored.

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Exactly, and also for it to never do anything in a future version of the manifest spec.

That is what I assumed, but assumptions... and I was too lazy to check all code. Thank you for confirming!

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Fantastic job. Love the app. Would love to see this integrated more. I have always struggled with keeping apps up to date and this simplifies the whole process


I agree. It would be great to see @stephack, @csteele, @srwhite, @Cobra, @bcopeland, @jwetzel1492, @ericm, @SmartHomePrimer, @Matthew, @kevin and others might consider this. :wink:


I am.. but mine is just an app and a driver. So not hard to install at all.

Some of the others would really benefit though. Even I get bored installing and upgrading drivers.

It may only be one app, but I think it is pretty nice to see a list of available apps/drivers. Sometimes it is tough to sift through the forums to find exactly what you want or need. Maybe you didn't think you needed something, and see it in this list and decide to try it out.

Just like you, I don't think it is hard to install apps/drivers either, but it sure makes it nearly foolproof and quick to just click a checkbox, and you are done.


I just tried to open the app and I'm now getting this on both my hubs.
Any thoughts?

GitHub is down https://www.githubstatus.com/

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Yeah, Github is incredible slow when you can get to it right now.

Ah. Ok thanks.
Will leave it awhile.

Looks like it might be back up.

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I just released version 1.1.0. Not a ton in the way of new functionality, but a lot of bug fixes. You should be able to just update the HPM using the Update feature built in. However, a few of the bugs that I fixed may cause some duplicates that you just haven't noticed. If you run into issues (please report them!) but you might want to uninstall the app, reinstall it fresh, and do a Match Up to make sure everything is cleaned up. Hopefully once we're out of beta no one ever has to do that again!

New features:

Bug fixes:

  • When a package had an upgrade that was just for an app, drivers could become unassociated with the package and cause duplicates (Thanks to @storageanarchy for helping me track this down!)
  • Fixed a few other bugs that could cause duplicate drivers and apps
  • Now use an API call to look up installed drivers which is much more reliable (Thanks to @markus for showing me this existed)
  • Letters in a version number will no longer cause an issue (Thanks @markus)

A new version of the command line tool was released to support the new manifest features. It is available at Release hpm-1.2.0 · dcmeglio/hubitat-packagemanagertools · GitHub


This has come a long way. Thanks to dman2306 and all the app authors who took the time to integrate with this app. :heart_eyes_cat:

I think this is going to help a lot of Hubitat users, especially new ones or people who just don't dig around in the settings much. One example where this app has been extremely helpful is when Bryan (bptworld) has pushed multiple updates to his new weather app. A couple clicks, and :sunglasses: everything is up to date!



Just a suggestion, when updating or matching installed apps etc, is it possible to only allow the next button to be clickable/active once the updates have completed.

I have been keeping an eye on this.. Kinda waiting for it to be full release.. But if it works out well I will most likely join in as it would simplify things...


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