[Release] Reliable Locks

The update has made a big improvement for my locks as well. This is an excellent app that I will definitely recommend.

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The app does not seem to be refreshing. It says it is going too, but does not.


I did edit the retry count as you can see, but that should not make it stop, right? I will change it back to 3 and see if it helps.

EDIT: It does retry on the 30 minute mark, just not on "Command not followed"

Two questions:

  • Is this entire log sequence from what you're trying to do, or just the end?
  • What command were you trying to send to the lock?

below are all today's logs for that lock (some overlap).

I had not given it a command just noticed it was "unlocked" but my Dash said "locked" so I looked (now that I think about it I did a manual "refresh") . It seems like "refresh" or 30 minute refresh does not "retry", but when a command is sent it does.

That might be by design, and my lack of understand the app.

My locks are working much better, but sometimes they stop reporting. No clue why. A reboot always fixes it.

Is there a way to base a rule, to reboot the hub, on when reliable locks does not get a response from the lock after x amount of minutes, or retries? Sorry I don't know how that works if this is a dumb question my apologizes.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Reliable Locks can now be installed from Hubitat Package Manager. This is the best way to make sure you keep up-to-date with bug fixes and new features.


I was hoping to create a option where instead of a virtual lock device, its a virtual switch? Lock and virtual locks are supported by google home,

You could certainly do that. In ReliableLockVirtualDevice.groovy, you'd need to change the capability from Lock to Switch. Then it would mostly be a find-and-replace to change the names of the events and attributes that it and the app instance deal with.

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Great App. Thanks for posting.
Can i ask 2 questions please.

  • i have an auto close set on my Kwikset ( programmed at the lock...will lock 30 seconds after opened) No reason that this should interfere with reliable locks is there? thinking that if I send sn open command then 30 seconds later it locks will this cause any confusion.

  • i like the status refresh...any chance this concept could be applied to the garage door status or open / close command?


  • no that shouldn't interfere with Reliable Locks
  • You could certainly make a variation of this that did refreshes on garage door status. I think I would do it without any retries. For example, if the reason that the door didn't close is because the electric eye saw something in the way, it would be bad to keep retrying.

Thanks. I’m thinking mainly for the status. For some reason I’ve been seeing the door open and the status hasn’t updated. Hoping this might pick up on that.

Thanks for this app, just trying it out as I've been noticing every now and then my door locks not giving the correct status too.

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Reliable lock is draining my lock's battery life.

Do you have an automated refresh running every minute or something like that? Other than that, there’s nothing in Reliable Locks that would drain your battery. (And the impact of too many refreshes would happen even without Reliable Locks)

I have it set every minute. would that cause any draining?

Yes, you’re forcing your lock to wake up and communicate every minute. That will take a toll on batteries.

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So i was finally able to create the virtual switch function, but when the lock is basically auto locking every time it refreshes.
If i manually unlock / or use the switch to trigger it, it will lock again the next update cycle instead of just updating the switch status

That is quite odd. There’s nothing in the refresh code that could cause a lock. Can you turn on debug logging for both Reliable Locks, and on your lock device, and then send logs?

I can do that later.
I removed the app for now so I don't drive the wife crazy today. gotta keep the WAF high so i can tinker

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I just got onto Hubitat and am generally pleased compared to SmartThings. I am however having issues with some of the built-in applications being restricted to switches and dimmers only - one example would be the Groups and Scenes.
I downloaded the reliable locks app and wanted to incorporate locking our house into several scenes but couldn't. I therefore modified the driver code to include a "switch" capability and "on" / "off" methods to make it compatible with Groups and Scenes.
@jwetzel1492 - LMK if you want me to send the changes your way in case this is of interest to the community? It was a simple add-on capability and a couple of methods. Otherwise, you may want to just apply those to the next version of the code to add some flexibility where the Hubitat out-of-the-box framework does not offer it?

Thanks for writing this - I expect it to be very useful in my transition from ST !

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