Hubitat package Manager

Is there an overview of all the 'packages' for the different devices for Hubitat? Eg the one for xiaomi sensors etc.
The ones that can and are installed by the hubitat package manager.

Thank you very much

You would have better luck getting an answer if you posted in the HPM thread.


Well. I don't know how to change that. I thought it was an app, which is why I posted the one :slightly_smiling_face: I'm just looking for an overview of all the different packages there are so I can replace the existing apps with packages

It is an app - a community developed app (as opposed to a built-in app created by Hubitat). It is easier for community developers to address issues if questions are posed in the parent threads for their apps. Hence @672southmain 's suggestion you post in the HPM parent thread.

I think Hubitat Package Manager has a built-in mechanism to do that already. After opening HPM, click on "Match Up"; it'll find existing apps/drivers that are in packages, so future updates can be applied via HPM.


Okay. I can see it looking for updates for already installed packages. I just wanted to replace the old device handlers with packages. I just replaced my old driver for xiaomi sensors with a package. I'd do that with the rest.
And thanks for the response :v:

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