[RELEASE] Zemismart Zigbee Blind Driver

Releasing Zemismart Zigbee Blind Driver. This is a version adapted from mark.cockcroft's driver with additional support for mode and speed which is available in the AM43-0.45/40-ES-EZ model. The same message patterns are used as previous ZemiSmart Zigbee Blind drivers, so it should also work with other Zemismart Zigbee Blind drivers though I haven't tested it.


You should follow the instructions that came with your device to set the open and close limits. Some models set the limits using the device, others require the remote. This driver cannot set limits. This is needed in order to open or close properly.

Installation Options

Product Links

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  • Open
  • Close
  • Stop
  • Step Open
  • Step Close
  • Push Button (1 = Open, 2 = Close, 3 = Stop, 4 = Step Open, 5 = Step Close)
  • Get and set direction
  • Get and set position [0-100]
  • Get and set mode (if supported by device)
  • Get and set speed [0-100] (if supported by device)
  • Configurable open and closed position thresholds
  • Configurable default step amount

Tested Devices

Has only been directly tested with devices listed blow. But since the code was adapted from a driver used with other Zemismart Zigbee Blind models, it likely will work with other Zemismart Zigbee Blind models.

Has Speed / Mode Support

  • AM43-0.45/40-ES-EZ

No Speed / Mode Support

  • ZM25TQ
    • You can unpair the remote by pressing the setup button in the remote control until you see number 5 and then pressing the up key according to @jcastrillo

Google Home Integration

Recommended integrating with Google Home through hubitat Google Home Community with the following settings:

  • Device type: Window Shade
  • Google Home device type: Curtain
  • Device traits
    • Open/Close
      • Set Open/Close attribute to windowShade
      • Set Open Position Command to setPosition


If you run into a problem, you should:

  1. Turn on "Enable debug logging", "Enable trace logging", and "Log unexpected messages" in the device preferences.
  2. Open hubitat logs and clear logs
  3. Send the command to the device
  4. Copy logs and post in message

Hello there and thanks for posting the driver.....

Do you know if there is any specific difference with the one below from Zemismart?




It had additional support for mode and speed which is available in the AM43-0.45/40-ES-EZ model.

Thanks a lot for the explanation amosyuen

I am using your driver for my Zigbee Tuya blinds ZM25TQ and it works well. My only issue is
1.) I cannot change the speed ( As soon as I input any value the configuration brokes and I have to reset the motor and start a new pairing)
2.) I am not sure I can/ know how to set the limits within the app. Whatever I try It does not work,

I have had an AOK blind motor before and I liked the behavior where the motor slows down the speed when it is reaching the limit. I assume this is not possible in the TUYA blinds.


Hi there,

Are there any pre-requisites, such as setting up Open/Close positions? I have installed the driver, but I am unable to do anything, such as open/close.

I am able to change the speed, and Lift/Tilt Mode.

To confirm, I do have a AM43-0.45/40-ES-EZ controller

have you selected the driver in the specific device menu ?. This is the device created containing your blind. By default, it is recognized as "device". you need to open the drop-down list and select it as zimsmart Zigbee Blind device

Yes, the "ZemiSmart Zigbee Blind" driver was selected.

Yes, you should set the open / clost limits first.

Thanks!! I'll give it a try

The controller, also has a lux sensor with a small solar panel (I assume for charging). Are there any plans for incorporating it into the driver and hubitat?

In addition I have discovered the following behaviour with this driver and the ​Zigbee Tuya blinds ZM25TQ

When I use the shade dashboard tile to open or close the device it works perfect. However, if I select a percentage to open or close with the slide button, then I cannot open or close completely the shade with one single click. I need to use the slide button all the way up or down before the button works again. is there any way to use the one click button ( open or close) independently of where the blind position is? Thanks a lot.

I didn't see anything that looked like a lux reading in the zigbee messages, though there are also some messages which I don't understand their purpose. Can't integrate them without someone shedding more light on how to get that info.

That's a hubitat UI thing which I can't really do much about.

One option is I could add capability as a dimmer which should always allow turning on / off similar to a dimmer. Would that work for you?

Hello there and many thanks for your offering....

This might be a good option.

The problem is that, for instance, I cannot press the button once to start closing blinds and press the button again to stop the closing at the point I want.....

I have some blinds connected to a switch ( through hubitat simple rules).... That switch will activate the blinds but the button does not work again until the full process (opening or closing) is completed.

I hope I was able to explain myself.

A different topic I would like to bring to the attention of the people here is that I have not managed d to set the limits of the blinds within the habitat driver. INot a big deal since I can do it with the remote control, but It would be great if
1.) anybody can confirm if I can set up the limits in the hubitat tuya driver
2.) if this is the case, I would appreciate some help with the set of commands to do it.

Many thanks

I don't think representing as a dimmer will help in that case. I'd recommend making a request to the hubitat team to allow such behaviors in the dashboard.

Driver does not support setting limits, You have to do that manually.

hi there... done. I have submitted a ticket.... keep you informed...

Does anyone know how to reset the remote control? Here my problem.
I have more motors than remote controls. I am using the remote to set up the limits of the blind. Once the limits are set, I need to unpair the remote from the engine ( keeping the limits) in order to set up the control with a new motor ( avoiding that the remote will still control the previous motors already set with this remote).

If I press the reset 5 times in the motor, the limits are deleted....

Thanks in advance

i reply to myself. Once the up and down limits are setup with the remote control, pressing the setup button in the remote control until you see number 5 and then pressing the up key will reset the pairing between the motor and the remote. Therefore you can connect the remote a different motor to perform the same operation.


HI there...
After a extensive reading in the forum, I think the problem could be the shade template in dashboard

The way TUYA zigbee Blind driver is built and its behavior is perfect and therefore, I was wondering if there is a way we can create a switch to implement three basic commands from the Tuya Driver

1.) Open
2.) Close
3.) Stop

These 3 functions from above work as expected in the driver. Is there any way to create a template / driver based on this?
I have very little knowledge and I believe I cannot create this driver by myself unfortunately
Thanks for you feedback and involvement.

Do you think a switch template can manage these 3 actions from above? a bit desperate here


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