[Re-release] Hubitat Ring Integration (Unofficial)

Yep, you definitely have to be picky in HSM as "all" really means all motion.
Typically you would reserve HSM to only care about indoor motion + door/window contact sensors to reduce fall positives.

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As a big time novice, is there a place that can walk me through this install? Sure appears simple based on everyone's comments but I cannot figure this out.

I have a Ring alarm system and cameras, have the Ring app and have connected Ring to IFTTT.

Getting this app installed into the Hubitat environment is where I'm struggling. I am copying and pasting the code from this link - https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ardichoke/hubitat_ring_integration/master/packageManifest.json into the App code section of the Hubitat web app. I click App Code, New App, then paste the code and hit Save. At that point, I get this error:

Ambiguous expression could be either a parameterless closure expression or an isolated open code block; solution: Add an explicit closure parameter list, e.g. {it -> ...}, or force it to be treated as an open block by giving it a label, e.g. L:{...} @ line 1, column 1.

Any ideas? I realize I may be doing this completely wrong. Trying to connect my Ring alarm and cameras to Hubitat. I have successfully installed a couple of regular apps, but this is the first time I've used the app code feature. Thanks!

Have you tried using Package Manager to install, and updates your apps? If not check it out, and use it to install this app, and update all your other updates automatically!

If you chose to do this, I would delete the app code you have that is not working, and start fresh.

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As @TechMedX said, I'd suggest using Hubitat Package Manager. The packageManifest.json file is meant to be used with that app, it is not a Hubitat app in and of itself.

If you are installing manually instead of using HPM, you need to install the groovy file that is under src/apps in Apps Code, and add whichever devices you need from src/drivers to Drivers Code on your Hubitat.

Seriously though, save yourself some time and just use [BETA] Hubitat Package Manager

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I would use the package manager app as others instruct to get everything installed, then I would follow then scroll down to the "Brief Installation Instructions" in the original post by the original developer.

From there if you have questions, ask here and we the community can help out.

Hi there! Thank you for the help everyone!

Yes, I reviewed this link but really have no idea how to "install" or "use" the package manager. I see all the files listed, read the instructions both on the page, as well as the read me file. I guess I'm overlooking the first step.

What is the process to use the package manager?

I started here - [BETA] Hubitat Package Manager
Then noticed it directs you here for instructions and files - GitHub - dcmeglio/hubitat-packagemanager

In looking at the files on the second link, what do I do with them? Which one installs where and how?

Do I somehow install the Package Manager first, then install the Ring code?


Copy and paste this code into the Apps Code > New App section of HE, and save it. Then go the the "Apps" section and New App > Add User App > Package Manager. Once installed I think you will be able to navigate it pretty easily.

EDIT: @dman2306 maybe you could add a "To Install PM" to the top of your read me, unless I missed it somewhere? Thanks again fabulous app!


Once you install the PM, here is a quick video on how to get to the Ring choices:

It's very important you choose wisely based on what you actually have from Ring which is outlined in the original post. So consult that to make sure you pick all the right devices to install.

We can also help you here if you can post exactly what you have for Ring Product and what you have attached to your Ring Alarm.


For example I have the following devices and therefore have these installed;

  1. Two Ring Spotlight Cams
  2. One Ring Floodlight Cam
  3. One Ring Video Doorbell 2
  4. One Ring Chime
  5. Ring Alarm with;
  • a. Keypad
  • b. 2 door contact sensors
  • c. 2 CO/Smoke listeneers
  • d. 2 motion sensors


Thank you everyone for making this idiot proof for me. Much appreciated. :slight_smile:

I have copied and pasted the code into HE and saved it. No issues. See image.

I will now review the different ways to setup Ring per SoundersDude's comments. I currently have a Ring Pro Doorbell, 5 cameras (spotlight, outdoor and indoor), 19 window and door sensors, four motion detectors, 4 flood/freeze sensors, and two keypads. I also have a Kwikset Z-Wave door lock integrated into the Ring app (not sure if that matters).

Again, really appreciate the help. Support here is awesome!


Continuing the setup. I have installed HE, then went through and installed the ardichoke package, and then selected the Ring device drivers for my devices and completed that step. I can now see device drivers installed and a new listing under Apps Code. Are there instructions that can take me to the finish line? I think the next step may be to authenticate with my Ring credentials, but I'm not sure where to go for that. I also clicked the OAuth button on the HPM apps code screen. Not sure if I should have done that or not!

Never mind on the above. Found the new ring app once I clicked on adding a new app. I'll dig around. Thanks!


Im confused by how the webhook from ifttt work. It seems to only trigger an event on motion. How does the device ever switch back to inactive if an inactive event is never sent back?

I’m further having issues with my floodlight cam. It shows up but I’m failing to see where the motion attribute is stored? The device is found in my rules as a motion sensor but it shows up as both active and inactive in the rule.

Anyone else having this issue?

Odd. So the device finally started updating. So it’s working now. I’m not sure what the problem was.

The app does it after a timeout.

I don’t understand what this means. An attribute can only have one value. It can’t Be both active and inactive at the same time. Can you provide a screenshot?

I don’t understand what this means. An attribute can only have one value. It can’t Be both active and inactive at the same time. Can you provide a screenshot?

I can’t anymore. It started updating. I had a rule that had 2 conditions 1 for active and one for inactive. Both showed as false. Now they are showing correct.

It confused me also, because a device having 2 states isn’t possible.

If they both showed as false it sounds like at that point the motion had never triggered so it had “no” state

If this is integrated using IFTTT, what kind of delays are there? I have an Alexa routine that is triggered by a Ring motion sensor to turn on a light and the response time is unsatisfactory. Since IFTTT is cloud-based I imagine it will be at least as long, or longer?

One other question. The Ring alarm ignores motion from a motion sensor for several minutes after it has been activated. So Alexa will not see any additional motion events during that period. Is that also the case for this HE integration? Or can you have to motion triggers from the same sensor in rapid succession? If so, what is the "refresh" rate?

Finally, are there any compatibility issues with the new 2nd generation Ring alarm? Or does everything work the same?

I had the same thing and it looks like IFTTT is slightly faster than the Alexa routine.
However, if you are going to use IFTTT then there is no way to send an event when motion stops so you need to wait for the app to time out the motion event. I am not sure if that can be adjusted.

I believe that would be a setting in the firmware of the Device itself and I don't see any way to change that in the driver that is supplied.

I have a 2nd Gen and it seems to work fine. I had one issue which I was out here to actually post about where a contact sensors battery died and when I armed the ring alarm it had to bypass the contact. However, the virtual device itself didn't update to "home" even though the alarm itself was armed. Everything else still worked.
As soon as I replaced the battery everything worked again.

So my ring motion alert turns on a light. and my ring doorbell press triggers a different set of lights depending on TOM. As im walking up to the door the light usually comes on by the time i reach it. so im in the field of view of the camera only for a few steps at thaat point. so the delay with iffft seems really short.

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