[RELEASE] GE 4xxxx / ZW3010 Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus Dimmer Driver

The zwave alliance documentation is often not 100% correct for all devices.

I'll take a look this weekend if I get time. I have 3 if these dimmers on my dev systems right now.

Maybe they removed those settings, but I thought I looked at this once before... Could be remembering incorrectly though.

Thank you. I'll keep playing around as well. Maybe I did something wrong and I need to try it again.

Well, I did one more test using the Basic Z-Wave tool to set parameters:

  • Parameter 6 - Changed to 6:1:1 - This showed up in the log as set correctly
    ConfigurationReport- parameterNumber:6, size:1, value:1
  • Parameter 9 - Changed to 9:1:12 (and several other numbers) - Stayed the same. No change. Still reporting zero
    ConfigurationReport- parameterNumber:9, size:1, value:0
  • Parameter 10 - Changed to 10:1:15 - Stayed the same. No change. . Still reporting zero
    ConfigurationReport- parameterNumber:10, size:1, value:0

If you get some time then great! Either way, thanks for your help.

Thanks again for this driver @JasonJoel ...replaced a switch w/a dimmer today, and set it to work as a switch using your driver. Works perfectly, it very nice to only buy dimmers and use them as needed w/both dimmable and non-dimmable lighting. Excellent.

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Surprised I didn't find this mentioned in here: will this driver work with the new Honeywell Jasco dimmers as well, or are the z wave instructions somehow different?

I'm getting ready to move, and my last two places I've used GE dimmers. Have never had a single one fail and like the look, so plan on sticking with Jasco, but Honeywell is a good deal more affordable. But if I can't use your excellent custom driver...not an option!

I assume the auto load detect Honeywell are the equivalent to the Enbrighten GEs.

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yes, if by new Honeywell ones you mean the quick fit ones.

I use the driver with the Honeywell ones I got from Costco.


Same...best driver ever.

  • 2.3.0 (12/15/2020) - Added state for defaultDimmerLevel

After looking, I am not finding a link to the driver for the older ZW3005. Any help would be greatly appreciated as this driver does not update on/off state when switched digitally without pressing the refresh button.

Link below, or use Hubitat Package Manager.



Yes. If you haven't used that, it is hands down one of the best community apps. Behind JasonJoels drivers that is. :laughing:

But seriously, try it. [BETA] Hubitat Package Manager


I was searching HPM with JasonJoel and not your actual name. All working now, thanks for the work you put into this!!

  • 2.4.0 (02/13/2021) - Added Alternate Exclusion mode to preferences.

Turning this ON will change the button press sequence for excluding. HOWEVER, it also makes status reports from these devices come in almost immediately (instead of having 1-3s delay).

I would recommend turning this ON - but the driver will not do that by default/automatically, as I don't think it is right to change people's pairing/exclusion steps automatically.

Thanks @velvetfoot for tipping me off to this 'quirk'.

EDIT 2 - You can change that setting "en masse" with Preferences Manager if so desired. If Preference Manager is already installed make sure you do Apps -> Preference Manager -> "Reload Preference Data..." to make the new parameter show up.

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Very cool! Nice sleuthing, @velvetfoot. :slight_smile:

Jason - any idea why this setting doesn't appear in the Preferences app? Was goign to set all of mine from the app, but this new setting doesn't appear, as far as I can tell.


Not offhand. I'll take a look though.

EDIT: I think the parameter has to have a value (can't be null/undefined) on the devices before it will show up. Once it has a value then preference manager can likely be used.

EDIT 2: Nope. I set it manually on my 4 dev hub dimmers, but it still doesn't show up in Preferences Manager.

@mike.maxwell Never mind. "Reload Preference Data" fixes it. I should have remembered that quicker... :confused:

@danabw Go to Apps -> Preference Manager -> "Reload Preference Data..."


Thanks, that did it. A bit of a DOH moment for me... :slight_smile:

One odd thing, though. At first, after using the Update option, the new setting was still MIA. I had to go into and out of choosing the device type a couple times and then it showed up. Just noting this in case same happens to others, it didn't show up immediately for some reason, maybe takes a bit to populate.

And thanks again for the new option!

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@JasonJoel, I just noticed one of my automations wasn't running properly since I had replaced a Z-Wave switch w/a Z-Wave Plus Dimmer (Enbrighten/newer model). I'm using this dimmer driver w/the "Turn your dimmer into an on/off switch."

The reason my automation is failing is that the driver doesn't support flashing (I flash the lights to remind me the washer/drier are done). Is Flashing something that could be added at some point, or ?

Forgot this: It's a Rule Machine Rule

I have no interest in adding software based flashing - sorry. I'm solidly in the camp that never should have been in ANY of the hubitat drivers in the first place as it is a software "hack" better managed at the application level.

Maybe you can get someone to fork the driver and add it, (which is fine) but I don't plan to.

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OK, thanks. Your driver, your rules. :slight_smile:

I'm looking into using Bryan's "The Flasher" app to accomplish it. Using The Flasher app works great, and actually allowed me to simplify the rule a little, so win/win overall. :slight_smile:

Good deal!

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  • 2.5.0 (03/10/2021) - Fixed redundant ON events when changing dimmer level
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