IntesisHome Integration AC Cloud

IntesisHome provides integration of IR HVAC units with Hubitat. This device presents itself to Hubitat as a thermostat device.

This integration supports one or more IntesisHome devices using the same IntesisHome account.

The IntesisHome device should be already configured and operating properly with the IntesisHome mobile app prior to enabling this integration. This integration does rely on the IntesisHome cloud/APIs.

Current Release Updated April 4, 2020

Installation and Updating

  1. Install application (HE Console -> Apps Code -> +New App)
  2. Install drivers (HE console -> Drivers Code -> +New Driver)
  3. Create App (HE console -> Apps -> + Add User App; select "IntesisHome Connect"
  4. Enter your intesisHome username and password
    • This will automatically create the needed devices based on available devices in your intesisHome account



Reserved for Future instructions

Thank you for this!! I'm an intesishome user and it is perfect for me.

Does this code still work giving me null pointer exceptions now ?

Logs? some other clue?

It seems like it can no longer connect to intesishome is this because they changed to accloud and have a offical API now ? Is there updated drivers that are supporting the new APIs?

check that things are reachable - that error message is common for a network error.

My system is still working...

Hmm if I use the accloud app or website it works fine.

I also tried resetting the username & password setting on the IntesisHome connect app but still not working.

Last month I reset it and seemed to start working ok then suddenly stopped again.
Has been a bit unstable for me and now not working.

Any plans to support their official API instead of using Telnet?

And what version of files are you using?

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