New user, MyQ not installing

Hey there, just got my C7 hub yesterday. So far, got all Hue lights and Schlage lock integrated. I've been working on the MyQ opener, and have tried, multiple times to use the code for no sensor and sensor. I get the following error message when installing the MyQ lite code. It does seem to be linking with my MyQ account, as it picks up the door names (I have 2). I've been using a smart hub since Staples Connect, and I really want to like the Hubitat, but it's much more involved than previous hub setup and I"m finding it frustrating. The only dashboard I got working correctly is the lights, but it's awful clunky looking and doesn't carry over to the mobile app very well. I also tried that package manager app and that didn't go very well either. :frowning:

Any help is greatly appreciated and thank you in advance!


Installation Details:

There was a problem updating devices: java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property 'deviceNetworkId' on null object. Line number: 609 Last successful step: Sensor Indexing

Hi @eilatan99

Welcome to Hubitat!

The MyQ app is a community port of the SmartThings MyQ app, and there are a few versions floating around. To ensure you install the correct version, I strongly recommend installing Hubitat Package Manager, and installing the MyQ app through there.

If the error persists after installing that version, I suggest posting your question in the MyQ thread linked below so the developer (@dman2306) is guaranteed to see it :


I don’t use dashboards much, since I use the Apple Home app mostly, but here is a simple dashboard setup that does well on mobile:

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The MyQ Lite driver suggested by Ashok above works well for me. I went through many of the same struggles that you are experiencing when I came to Hubitat from Wink a few months ago. The community was a big help, and I suggest reading the thread and following Ashok’s advice. My strong suggestion would be to get a contact sensor for each door so the driver can tell when the doors are closed. I use the Aeotec Door/Window Sensor 7, on advice from others here, and it has worked well. Admittedly, we only have 1 garage door for the 2 cars, so I haven’t tested your configuration, and we have one of the older LiftMaster 8365-267 opener (non-WiFi) with Ethernet-connected 828LM Internet Gateway. Again, though, contact sensor(s) strongly advised.

Oh, and welcome to the Hubitat community!


This is the link I used to DL the files. File Finder · GitHub

I copied the myq-lite to apps and door lock, light and myQ door opener for drivers. I also tried the no sensor one but got same result.

The install for the package manager didn't work either. Kept getting an error logging into the hub, which I know I"m using the correct userID/PW combo.

What I found is that if I have a dashboard for lights, on the mobile app, I have to scroll left/right to see them all, instead of them "wrapping" downward. I guess I need to read up more on the dashboard and how to set it up. I just started the integration last night. :slight_smile:

That’s the link to the SmartThings driver. Ashok gave you the link to the driver ported to Hubitat, here it is again:

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Thanks for the info on what sensors work. I"d like to see if I can try to make the two that came with my opener work instead of buying more stuff right now. Of course, the dashboard I set up for it also may have its problems. I'm finding this stuff a little more complicated than I originally thought. I'm coming from Wink and Staples Connect before that and they were a little more out of the box friendlier.

I do appreciate all the help and suggestions, as I'm committed to making this work.

Again, I suggest you read the thread linked to above. The problem, as I and others have come to accept, is that Chamberlain/LiftMaster have gone to great lengths to ensure that it’s not possible to access the results from the sensors that come with the openers. Better to shrug and get a contact sensor that works. Of course, you need to leave the existing sensors to work with manual open/close.

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Won't happen. These are not accessible by Hubitat, nor any other hub. They are locked to MyQ. The Smartthings multi-sensor are the most commonly used tilt sensor for garage doors, and they are about $20 each on Amazon.

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I may have to add sensors to get the functionality that I had. Part of the problem is, I'm a travel nurse, and gone from my home for months at a time. Not too long ago, I needed to let a contractor in to do work and was unable to remotely open the door, due to the battery on the sensor being dead. Fortunately, I have 2 doors on my garage and the battery for the 2nd sensor hadn't died so I was able to let him in. It could turn into a nightmare trying to change out batteries for 4 sensors in the off chance they would die out before I get home when I'm gone 3 to 6 months at a time. And when I'm packing to go out, I have many more things to get together than change out batteries everywhere. When I got home from NYC a few weeks ago, the batteries on my schlage garage/house door had died and thank god I had a key with me.

You can always use the MyQ app as a backup to Hubitat.

The other option would be to investigate higher capacity (not voltage) batteries. Many people have added external battery packs to things like the Samsung Arrival sensor (presence fob) due to them chewing batteries. I don't see why you couldn't do the same with a contact or tilt sensor if you need that extra capacity.

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There are no ways directly in Hubitat to access these sensors. However, if you use HomeAssistant in conjunction with Hubitat (via MQTT) or Homekit in conjunction with Hubitat (via HomeBridge), you can bring native MyQ sensor status into Hubitat.

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If you look at what I posted, Dashboard has settings that are adjustable for row height and width, as well as how many tiles high and wide. I use 3 tiles wide for lights with the width setting blank for auto fit, that way I don't have to scroll. I never let it auto-setup the dashboard because it makes a mess (could just be my lack of trying since I use Apple Home) and I would rather group devices in a way that makes them easy to find.


You can have a “Batteries Dashboard “ that shows the charge status of all of your batteries. That’s what many of us do.

Regarding the clunky dashboard, try out the Smartly dashboard project. Also, regarding the mobile dashboard, my solution is to have one dashboard optimized for iPhone and another for the iPad.


thanks for your suggestion. I have tweaked them on my PC and they look fine, but still wonky when viewing on my cell phone. I have them set up for 1st row to be rooms, with individual devices below each "heading".

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Well, I got the ST sensors and installed the devices in HE. I set them up as tilt. I re-ran the Myq install, choosing the sensors and no buttons. I'm using the garage control template and the sensors themselves as the device in dashboard, but it doesn't seem to be working correctly.

Bay1 is open and shows as open. Clicking the icon prompts if I want to do this, but it does nothing. Bay2 shows as opening, but it also is open from a direct "open" click in the Bay2 device itself, but won't close now. Do I need to set up a rule or is that only for alexa integration?

Thanks in advance for any help!

just going to add what the devices show.

bay 1

Current States

  • battery : 100
  • contact : open
  • door : open
  • doorSensor : Bay1Sensor is open
  • lastActivity : 07/30/2020 01:07 PM
  • lock : unlocked

Bay 2

Current States

  • CloseButton : normal
  • OpenButton : normal
  • battery : 100
  • door : opening
  • doorSensor : Bay2Sensor is null
  • lastActivity : 07/30/2020 01:10 PM

Sensor 1

Current States

  • acceleration : active
  • battery : 100
  • contact : closed
  • temperature : 92.97
  • threeAxis : [x:-15,y:0,z:0]

Sensor 2

Current States

  • acceleration : inactive
  • battery : 100
  • contact : closed
  • temperature : 95.35
  • threeAxis : [x:0,y:0,z:43]

Adding pics from dashboard


It is apparent that your door 2 sensor isn't reading in the MyQ app. So that is why the state is wrong, it is basically unknown.

I have never done a multi-door install of this app, so I am not sure how to do that. However, I suspect that you need two instances of this app. Is that how you did this, or are they all in one app? Did it actually let you select both sensors in one instance of this app?

Hopefully someone else can verify what to do with multiple doors.

Myq app itself lets you have up to 2 myq sensors/doors per myq hub. The screenshot from the myq was the last I took and accurate. The dashboard tile is the one that hasn't updated, showing that bay2 is opening. When I initially opened bay2 through button in the device's properties, the myq app still showed it closed, when it actually was open. But I've also been unable to get it to open/close again through the device's properties again.

If you're referring to one instance of the HE Myq app, yes, after verifying my account, it pulled the devices I have registered, bay1 and bay2.

I also thought it was weird that the attributes for the sensors are listed in different orders.

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