[No Longer Maintained] Withings Integration

Continuing the discussion from [FEEDBACK] Building a Withings Integration:

Hi folks, this is the official release of a Withings integration. This integration is a cloud based integration using Withings official API. This supports Sleep Sensors, Activity Trackers, Scales, Blood Pressure Monitors, and Thermometers. The most interesting of these is the Sleep Sensor which gives you a presence sensor for when you get in/out of bed. Everything is available in Hubitat Package Manager and the Github is located at GitHub - dcmeglio/hubitat-withings

Hope it's useful!


Thank you so much for this fantastic work. Much appreciated!

Glad it’s useful! Next on my list is petsafe smart pet feeder!

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Cool. I will need to get a pet in that case :smile:


I'm still looking for someone to integrate the WiFi Mouser since I seem to have plenty of those in the yard out back!

Appears I had an issue last night. App has been working perfectly. This morning as I was looking at the data returned, I noticed some didn't match the HealthMate app. Went into past logs and found this:

There were a lot more access token invalid entries throughout the night. But as you can see, there are others that are good. Wondering if their service was down or something?

When i got of bed at 07:05 you can see I got an error. What is weird though, is the entry right before the error, all the data was returned. For example, breathing_disturbances_intensity=62 matches the HM app, but on device details it shows -1.

Anyways, first time I have had this issue....

It got my 3 hours and something last night! Cheers @dman2306 for a great piece of work!
Now I have to consider a scale to see what the lockdown did to me :smiley:


@dman2306, I am still getting this error:

As you can see, the 30 minute "checkins" are working fine. I completely deleted the app and resubscribed and watched it all day. Same error.

Any ideas? Do I need to do anything else?


I think i fixed this this morning. I forgot to post about it. Can you upgrade?

Ok, just upgraded. Will keep my eye on it.

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Got my Sleep pad in yesterday, install was easy. Got up this morning and have the full set of data. Awesome Job! (now I have to buy two more, damn you! lol)

Only thing I would recommend is to add a switch attribute that follows the presence attribute. In Bed would be on and out of bed would be off. Would make it much easier to use in other apps to control lighting. Could also add it as a Contact sensor too, just to beat other requests. :wink: Easy enough to do.


Edit: Forgot to mention, I have a Casper mattress that is about 10" thick. How the heck does it read my stats through all that! Amazing tech.

Ugh, pet peeve time. This is one of the things that drives me crazy about many apps in HE (including some of my own). It's NOT a switch. If I add a switch capability I now end up with on/off commands that don't do anything. And on top of that, I end up with on/off commands that may confuse users "I turned it off, because my parents slept over and I let them sleep in our bed and didn't want that to count as my sleep, but it still seems to be on why?" I'm a bit of a stickler for capabilities in devices being as close to "accurate" as possible. I know there are many apps that expect switches. But if those apps are intended to trigger based on presence, why wouldn't it be more logical for those apps to let you specify presence sensors? Contact sensor bothers me less because it kind of is that and it won't add any dummy commands. I guess I just wonder, if HE wanted us using Switch for anything that had an on/off state there would be a SwitchStatus capability, kind of like how there are 7 thermostat related capabilities instead of just Thermostat. I'll think about it, I just really feel like it then makes this device "dirty" by making it appear to have capabilities that it doesn't...

I have a Purple mattress.I thought given that it's not even a standard material it wouldn't work. It works great. About 10in thick as well. I've been comparing to my Apple Watch every day and it's 95% accurate which is amazing to me.

No problem. I know exactly where you're coming from! I'll just add it for my personal use. Just a pain to remember to re-add it when there is an update. This is why I write sooo many apps... I want it MY way! lol

To be honest, when I think presence - I only think of home or away. Which would have nothing to do with individual room control (more of a master switch). Motion, Contacts and Switches control all of my lighting, room by room.

Having some troubles keeping my sleep pads connected. I found the presence was not triggering properly. So I re-ran the app, selected each of us (my wife and I), just accepted the products (scale and pads), and hit done. However, it's still not connected and I've found that the presence devices on my dashboard have disappeared and some rules I had referring to them now have errors which I'm unable to fix (for example I had some switches driven from presence, the triggers are now missing and unfortunately RM doesn't let me remove the dead trigger).

So the app creates new devices and throws the old ones away if it's re-run? Would it be possible to retain the devices and refresh them somehow rather than remove and recreate, so that I can retain any dashboard links and RM entries? Having said that, it's still not reconnected the devices anyway. Not sure what to do next. Maybe reinstall the app? Maybe I'm doing something wrong (probable :smile:)

Any advice welcome!

I also just got this email from Withings...

Maybe I should start again.

Now trying to uninstall the app to start again. Getting this error message (which strangely refers to an install not just an uninstall)...

I manually deleted the devices. Maybe that was a mistake. So now I guess I will go in and manually try and delete the app outside of HPM and hope it doesn't screw anything else up.

Ok, so I've cleared it all out manually and reinstalled from HPM. Battery is reported from the scales already. Let's see what else I get in the morning :smile:

Latest scales measurement also now across.

Time for sleep and wish for full data in the morning again!

What template do we use to see the Sleep? I added it to my dashboard, but I can not see anything but UNKNOWN.

Try attribute.

Menu does not look right when I select Attribute


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