[RELEASE] Alarm.com App

I'm new to the HE platform, and one of the integrations missing from my transition from ST to HE was the ability to control my alarm system, which is through alarm.com. Below is my app providing the functionality I was looking for in arming/disarming my system via home automation.

Comments, questions, and feedback are welcome!


This is awesome! It was the only thing missing from my HE experience since I left ST a year and a half ago!

@jmpierce Just updated my code.. thank you again for your hard work on this. I wanted to mention something to ya. I don't know if you know but there is a Hubitat Package Manager that is in development. I use it for a few other apps on hubitat. I don't know what it would take to add your Alarm.com App to it as I know there is a place i can add custom repositories, I just haven't gotten around to it yet lol. Here's the link to it if you're interested.. [BETA] Hubitat Package Manager. Keep up the killer coding man!! and thank you again!

Nice, I'll check it out. If it could support tracking changes to master through github, that would be great. One of the few things I miss about ST; Its ability to notify me when an app/driver update was available.

Yea.. its really nice for those people (like me) just starting out with HE lol.. here's a link to a way to easily make your json files for HPM.. [BETA] Hubitat Package Manager

If I can test in any way let me know as I don't like to provide ideas without helping bring those ideas to life lol..

is it possible to setup multiple logins?
i entered wrong password initially, when i entered the correct it created a second set of arm/disarm/stay switches.
can i create a instance? for me and the wife so it shows in alarm.com logs who actually disarmed/armed the system??

@samdeal Thanks for identifying the bug. I was proceeding directly to the create switch routine even if the auth attempt failed. Since I use the panel ID as the network ids, the second set of devices were created. I've pushed a patch that should prevent this. You can delete the mistakenly created switches.

To answer your question, it's currently not possible. I honestly never considered someone wanting that functionality, and since the panel ID is used to create the devices, the I would need to redo how the devices are identified. I could certainly code for that, however. I'll take it up as a feature request to possibly build in the near future.

Thanks for the feedback.

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The bug and then seeing that the alarm logs show Everytime the adc app poles the status made me wonder "hey can I do this". Figured I'd ask before I tried.

And I deleted the extra set of switches,

Also renamed the working set to identify the intended user in hopes to be able to create a 2nd instance.

Also. In your app may want to comment the user login input to "username/email"

I think it just says "email" which didn't work for me, had to use "username login"

Thanks. This app is one I had searched for when I got my Hubitat a few months ago. I have a few automations that run with arm/disarm. This will tie it together.

Regarding the username/email, the field is currently named, "Alarm.com Username (Email)". Is there a different field/area you're referring to?

At first I assumed with email in ( ) that's what was required. Thus finding the "bug" mentioned earlier.

I am excited to try this app.

The ReadMe page on github suggests using a service account at Alarm.com. Can you tell me more about how to create that secondary account? I don't see where/how to do it.

I haven't gotten around to creating a service account for my instance yet. @steelz1, would you mind pointing @briangray.tx in the right direction?

0n alarm.com after logging in goto users in main menu then at the top "manage logins.

I just created an edited version of this app. you will need to change 2 small parts to create seperate instances but it allows multiple users this way and the logs on alarm.com will show which USER initiated the command.

each instance creates a set of disarm/stay/away switches that you can rename with name disarm, name armstay, etc that are tied to that instance of the HE alarm.com app

im just not sure where or how to share it. much thanks to @jmpierce for his creating this and insight to my questions about editing it.

Thanks for the idea on separate apps for individual users, @samdeal. I sent you a PM on how to send me the code. Like I mentioned, I'll have to make your method backwards compatible so it won't affect previous installs. I'll try to get to it in the next week or so.

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I didn't think to add notes other than a mark at the beginning with date and name.
Our PM's have notes of my edits or just shoot me a pm. I made them simple to find.

@samdeal - thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

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@jmpierce - Thanks for your work on this! The connection to Alarm.com was trivially easy. I had the first simple rule working in minutes.

Glad it worked out for you!

I wonder if anyone else is seeing something. I am noticing that the ADC App is "polling" for a lack of a better work, every couple of mins. I look at my ADC (alarm.com) activity and the app is constantly "logging in".. Is this how it suppose to work? Has ADC have any issues with that many logins? Just thought I would ask. I'm not having any issues and the app works wonderfully and i'm grateful for it. Its just something I saw and thought I'd inquire..

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