Upload Files to myIP/hub/fileManager/

Is it possible to upload files to the hub/fileManager/ diskspace using an external routine, command line or program? If so, what would such command look like?

Alternatively, is it possible for Hubitat to download a file from a server to hub/fileManager/ ?

On an external server I have a routine that creates a video file based on an event. Each new event recreates this file. While I can use hubitat video player tile to access such file, the oproblem is this file is then cached and any newly recreated files never show up. If this file exists in hub/fileManager/ this is not a problem.

If I can somehow get this file and and any recreated file onto hub/fileManager/ using an automated process that would be great.

Looking for suggestions.

Officially, no: there is no API for File Manager. It's a relatively new feature, and staff mentioned something to the effect of that they were going to wait and see how it gets used "in the wild" (and how app/driver access might work--since it's a shared space) before considering adding features like this. I haven't seen any mentions of anything beyond that at this point.

However, unofficially, some people have "reverse engineered" a way into it, I assume by basically doing the same HTTP commands you'd be initiating if you were using a browser in the admin UI yourself. Here's one:

I also know Hubitat Package Manager did something similar for file access (though that is by no means the primary goal of this app):

But again, there is nothing official, so the above may not work 100% of the time or may break in the future. But it's possible something native will come (or not).

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