[RELEASE] Weather-Display With DarkSky.net Forecast Driver



  • Changed the forecast temperature polled from Dark Sky from 'temperatureHigh' and 'temperatureLow' to 'temperatureMax' and 'temperatureMin'. This change now allows the values to match what Dark Sky shows on their website for the same location. This should not require any user changes as the Dark Sky API variable names are not used in the driver other than to pull in those values. The new Dark Sky variable values continue to be pulled into the same driver attributes names so no changes will be required by the users of this driver. This change was recommend by @arnb .... Thanks.

  • Added the update time to the bottom of the 'threedayfcstTile'.


Changes: (inspired by @arnb)

Lots of 'behind the scences' changes to myTile and some that will be noticable:

  • Greatly reduced the html coding used for formatting the tile. This freed up space for some enhancements.
  • The location name at the top on 'myTile' is now a hyperlink that will take you to you hub location's weather details on Dark Sky's website.
  • If there is a weather alert, it will show in red italics. That weather alert will also be a hyperlink to the weather.gov alert details page. Those weather.gov links can be quite long, but the reduced formatting mentioned above should prevent exceeding the 1,024 character limit in most cases. If it does exceed the limit, the hyperlink will first revert to the Hub location's weather details page on Darsky.net where you can get details on the alert, and if it still exceeds the character limit, the hyperlink will be omitted.
  • Added a new 'alertTile' (second image below) that will just list weather alerts (or 'No current weather alerts for this area.'). Hyperlinks will take you to the hub location's weather details page on Darksky.net for no alerts, or the weather.gov alert details page if there is an alert.
  • Added a hyperlink to the 'threedayfcstTile' on the 'Today' text that will take you to the hub location's weather detail page on Darksky.net

Black circled text is a hyperlink to the hub location's weather detail page.
Red circled text is a hyperlink to weather.gov's alert detail page.

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Is there anyway to create a rule that will trigger TTS if it shows weather alert ?

Re-posting this here as this is relevant to this driver too.


First update since last month! :rofl:


  • All hyperlinks added in the last update will now open in a new tab/window instead of replacing the current tab/window.
  • Removed some spacing in the alertTile to make it easier to fit in a 1x1 tile. Removed the 'green' color for no alerts. At least on my displays/screens it has blurry and hard to read.
  • Some minor tweaking to further reduce the code size and therefore reduce the likelihood of exceeding the dashboard tile character limitation and any mitigation required in that event (removing icons & links).
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Seeing this error:

2020-03-01 06:31:57.393 pm errorjava.util.IllegalFormatConversionException: f != java.lang.Integer on line 519 (pollWDHandler)


I made a small change in the code to correct the error that @CurtisZM was seeing at around 6:15 PM EDT. If you copied the code before then, please refresh your code to get this change.



  • Added the ability to override the Hub's location coordinates.
  • Corrected the data type for forecastHigh/Low from "string" to "number"

To override the Hub's location coordinates first select:
then click "Save Preferences"
then after the screen refreshes input your desired latitude and logitude:
then click "Save Preferences" again.

To revert back to the Hub's location coordinates de-select:
then click "Save Preferences"



  • Added some additional logging messaging to show the full URL sent to Darksky if the data pull is not sucessful. This should make it easier to identify errors.
  • Added code to remove any 'spaces' typed or copied into the latitude or longitude corrdinate fields. Any spaces in these fields will cause an error in the Darksky data pull.



  • Add more logic to prevent location coordinates being null or provide better logging when that cannot be prevented (hub's location coordinates are null).

At some point they will stop issuing API Keys and the API will only continue to work through 2021.


Yeah, that's not good news.
All the free Weather API's are drying up.

I found one that allows up to 150 calls a day (~every 10 mins) that looks like it will work pretty well for current conditions and daily forecasts at least. It's weatherbit.io. I got a key and gave it a whirl in less than 5 mins. And they don't require a credit card to sign up for a free account. I'm sure they just shut down your access after your 150 calls.

Here's the docs on their api:

UPDATE: Actually, I found that it allows 500 calls a day for a free account. So, you could do a call every 3 minutes if you really wanted.

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[UPDATE] ( not really ... but kinda?)

No code update ....but the driver is now compatible with the Hubitat Package Manager in the 'Integrations' category.



  • Bug fixes from refactored coding.

the driver is now compatible with the Hubitat Package Manager in the 'Integrations' category.

FYI to everyone using this driver:

I have created a version of this driver that replaces DarkSky.net as the forecast source with OpenWeatherMap.org and the (National Weather Service (weather.gov) for weather alerts).
Just about everything works the same, it just changes the forecast source. That driver is in a new thread here:

Does this one pull for Canadian areas? Does it also include the lux readings?

I assume you are asking about the new Weather-Display With OWM-NWS Alerts Forecast Driver and not DarekSky.net? Please ask questions about the Weather-Display With OWM-NWS Alerts Forecast Driver in that thread, not this one, to keep things on topic.


I am officially terminating ongoing support for this driver. Please switch over to the OWM version of this driver (link is a few posts up).


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