Rules Engine Triggering LIFX

I'm building a rules engine to run at night. One item I'd like to do is turn off LIFX lights. I've read several Hubitat Community posts and all of them seem to require some form of programing (e.g., GetHub?). Is there a simple way to turn LIFX on or off? There is a IFTTT "button widget" that can turn off my LIFX lights that I use with my phone. Could my rules engine "push" the IFTTT button widget? Open to other ideas.

Are you talking about installing custom apps and drivers? If so, no, they do not require you to do any programming. A community developer has already done that part for you; you just have to add their code to to your hub. This can be done manually from GitHub, but Hubitat Package Manager (where the LIFX integration is also available--many, but not all, third-party development efforts are available on HPM) makes this a bit easier. HPM itself does require a one-time manual install from GitHub, but it should be able to update itself--and any community apps or drivers you install with it--after that. You don't have to use HPM, and the initial install of either this or the LIFX apps and drivers yourself isn't that daunting (I didn't mean to make the initial HPM install sound like it was); it's just copy and paste into the right spots.

I'm sure that it is also possible to do something with LIFX over IFTTT, and the advantage there is that IFTTT has a built-in Hubitat integration, and LIFX has (I assume...never used it) an IFTTT integration, too. Therefore, nothing custom is required except some device on Hubitat exposed to IFTTT that can "trigger" an applet, along with some IFTTT applet that will turn on (or off) your lights. But I wouldn't recommend this: even on a good day, IFTTT was kind of slow, and with their new "free vs. paid" model," it sounds like paid applets are supposed to execute faster--but it's not clear to me if that means faster than before or just that free applets now are even slower. :slight_smile:

Besides the above, IFTTT has obvious Internet dependencies. The Hubitat integration will work locally. For that reason, I'd strongly recommend you consider that option first--it's likely to be faster and more reliable, something Hubitat users generally like, beyond being local. But either way could work, and again, I suppose IFTTT has the advantage of not needing custom code (which is technically unsupported). Just wanted to let you know that it's not as hard as it may sound!

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also webcore has some built-in lifx support, without installing another device handler.

Thank you bertabcd1234 and nh.schottfam. I appreciate the details. I did spend some time and got the Hubitat Package Manager installed. I was able to use it to install "LIFX Master." Thanks again.

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