Zwave security type for Zooz Switches

Arghhh.... I hit refresh a bunch of times and nothing happened. I reset the radio again.

So far, my introduction to Hubitat is not going well. You guys are great.... but this experience, not so much. lol

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You're becomming a radio reset expert. :wink:

Make sure you're starting as noted w/the nearest powered devices. That should make things much easier. Also, try excluding the device using Hubitat even if you've already excluded it from ST may make things more reliable. Also, I turned off my ST hub so it wouldn't try to get into the act and cause issues - some have reported that happening.

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BTW, you didn't confirm - did you you kill power to the device?

So I know resetting the radio was only an option because I only had 1 device I was working with. If I had everything added, it wouldn't have been a possibility.

I did pull the air gap then factory reset the switch. I turned off SmartThings and added the switch with all of the security options unchecked.

I quickly figured out how to create a dashboard button and I am happy to report, everything is working!!

Next question: I am just using the built-in drivers in Hubitat for this Zooz Zen27 dimmer switch. Zooz has custom drivers listed under their support. Should I install the custom drivers? I had to do this with SmartThings to be able to access the advanced settings.

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There are usually some more options on custom drivers. You can use whichever one works best for you.

Personally, I like to tinker with my settings so I prefer to use custom drivers when available.


I have three of each - zen21/22/27 and a dozen zen26

I am using these drivers and they are available through Hubitat Package Manager.

The support S2 although I do not use any security settings.


Here is a link to HPM

A lot of guys here make their drivers available through this managing app and it can be setup to check daily etc to notify you if there are any updates.

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I just checked out his drivers and Zooz's driver code. Zooz is using his code (his username is listed in the comments). I installed the drivers by adding the code in the driver.

I've read good things about the Hubitat Package Manager and had that on my list to install next.

Do I need to delete the driver I created to use the one in the Hubitat Package Manager?


Perfect. I will go this route. I will try installing HPM now.

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There is a "Match-up" feature in HPM that allows you to match up drivers/apps already installed to HPM (if they have been made available in HPM by the author). Run Match Up right after you install HPM and hopefully it will catch what you've already manually installed.

Just a few of my favorite apps in HPM - quick and easy to use, and very useful.

  • Advanced Button Controller (ABC) If you have buttons, you want this app. :slight_smile:
  • Auto_Off (make sure you get the version by CSteele). Turns off devices after set period of time (can also be 'reversed' to turn on devices after set period of time). Really useful.
  • Auto Lock (get the one by Lewis Heidrick). Great for managing your locks to make sure they are locked (or unlocked) when you want them to be - based on contact sensors, presence, etc.
  • Event Engine - sits between Simple Automations and Rule Engine in complexity of automations you can create. Allows pretty powerful automations via point and click.
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This is awesome! Thank you. I used ABC with SmartThings but I'm not sure how the integration worked. Can you give an example of how it is used? Would this be for things like assigning actions to double taps up, double taps down, etc?

Edit. I hit a limit of messages I can post since I am new here. I have to wait 21 hours before I can post again. Thank you guys for your help.

Lol. I don’t use any of these!!

I did try ABC once but went back to RM for the few button controllers that I can’t put into the BC app.

Auto off - didn’t know it existed and did my own in RM using a dimmer but I will take a look. Nice thing about using a dimmer as a timer is you can tell Alexa “exhaust fan 30” and it’s set.

Event engine - read about it recently but haven’t checked it out yet.

Switch bindings is another good one I use instead of the built in mirror app.

Echo speaks and the nest SDM are both available via HPM.

Also the inovelli drivers.

Oh and also Hubitat z-wave mesh details.

First there is a button controller app built in that will do what you want 80% of the time.

Enable scene control on the Zooz switch

Install the built in button controller app then select it from the apps menu.

Select create a new button controller

Give it a name

Select the button and from the drop down menu select pre-fill all button actions.

Note: for the Zooz switches only button 1 and 2 support HELD and RELEASED but it creates those actions for all buttons. You can delete the extra actions buttons manually to clean things up.

Note two. You can create individual button actions instead of pre-filling but I have had technical difficulties doing it this way so I just resort to the pre-fill and delete the upper numbers

I reached out to support and they lifted my post limit so I could continue the conversation.

When do you use an app in HPM vs the built-in ones?

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ABC (Adv. Button Controller) can assign actions to your button devices, for tap, double-tap, held, etc. It supports what the button tells the app it supports. It is great if you have any Lutron Picos, makes them really easy to manage all the buttons/options on those, and I like the layout and process to assign actions.

Just install it and then launch it and choose one of your buttons to set up - it's very straightforward.

If you only have single button devices that tap/double tap/hold then you may not need it's power as much...

I don’t think I am a big user of third party stuff compared to a lot of people here so hopefully others chime in.

Re: drivers for zigbee and zwave devices. If the device has built in support I will always use the built in driver first. Then I saw a post that exposed a few extra features so I have the driver a shot with one Zen27 and then I moved all my switches over.

From my conversion from wink I was using some TuYa wifi plugs with Alexa. Then I saw a tasmota conversion thread and was able to drive them directly from HE.

I bought a magichome rgb wifi controller and again it meant a third party driver. Most wifi (maybe all) does not have built in support.

Apps is a bigger topic. If I can do what I want with the built in apps I mainly stick with them. The majority of my automations are in Rule Machine. In the spring and summer of 2020 a lot of people were experiencing slow downs with their hub and custom apps were always part of the conversion so I kept my distance. Since then I have started trying more apps that I read about. I’m sure I am missing out on a lot of extra features.

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I think that is a very smart approach due to the inherent complexities of the system and Home Automation in general. :+1:

Now I'm not saying someone should avoid ALL 3rd party apps but some serious consideration and research should be given before implementing unless you like to tinker. Keep in mind even HE apps can bog down the system if used improperly.

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@kchurchill FYI I had the same problem with Smartthings so I moved all my zooz zen27 dimmers to Hubitat. It's only been a day but everything seems to be working well. I have not experienced any switches locking up in Hubitat and love the speed/reliability so far. Are your Zooz switches working well?

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I haven't had a single incident with my Zooz switches since I moved to Hubitat and added the switches with no security.

Much happier now that I am with Hubitat.


Thanks for the feedback.

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