[Release] Heatmiser Neostat / Neoplug Integration

Releasing my Heatmiser Neostat integration that I setup on Smartthings, but on Hubitat. This time because the hub allows custom protocols you no longer need a bridge device, and Hubitat can directly talk to the Neohub so installation is super easy.

It is definitely a work in progress, with the key functionality available at the moment, but with a pretty horrible interface and lots of improvement potential. That will come over the next few weeks/months. Currently it will create a child device for each thermostat (or other device) connected to your Neohub.

Installation is simple and instructions can be found on my Github page.
Alternatively you can set up the device handlers with the thoroughly recommended Hubitat Package Manager, and then all you need to do is create a virtual device which uses the Bridge Device handler, add the Neohub IP address in settings and create the thermostat devices.


Hi, thanks for creating this integration. I am trying to add my neohub with 3 thermostats connected on it. I have added the drivers and created a virtual device, configured neohub IP address. Then when clicked on ‘getThermostat’ option it showed the status as below

Current States

  • lastcommand : [Hallway:2, Kitchen:1, Master Bedroom:3]

However it is not adding any child devices under the main hub virtual device. Also the above status disappears after few mins

Any idea what might be wrong here ? I am pretty new to Hubitat and using C7 hardware with latest firmware installed on it

Can you remove the space in the thermostat name in the Heatmiser app? And try again.

I tried to deal with spaces in the name but perhaps it isn't working properly

Ok yes I renamed it without white space. Still the same

Name Value Unit Description Text Source Type Date

lastcommand [Bedroom:3, Hallway:2, Kitchen:1] DEVICE 2020-11-19 07:56:30.144 AM GMT
lastcommand [Bedroom:3, Hallway:2, Kitchen:1] DEVICE 2020-11-19 07:55:08.196 AM GMT

It's possible the latest Hubitat firmware has changed something with how commands are cached. Do you see anything in the live logs?

I am not an expert on this. I just got it a few days ago. Will check and update here

I'm still using your beta drivers from a few weeks back. Any reason to upgrade as they've been rock solid for me?

I see a bunch of errors in the logs. I think it might be helpful to trace the issue.

By the i installed it using the package manager

Nothing changed since the beta drivers you're using @a4refillpad I haven't got around to the changes I wanted yet.

Thats really weird, will take a look at what could be causing those errors tomorrow.

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Hi, I was also having the same problem as naranvs2001. Looking through the logs when creating the children the code looks for a device type "Neo Thermostat", but the child device type here is "Heatmiser Neo Thermostat". I managed to get the children to add by changing the driver code name. It's line 25 in the child code. I hope this helps others! :slight_smile:

Ah, what an idiot. Sorry I updated that DTH name to match the parent in Hubitat Package Manager, and then forgot to update references to it.

I have now fixed this error and updated in HPM so once you click update on the device handler it should all work again.


It's all good. I'm glad I could help and thanks for making the integration!

Ive made a ton of changes to this integration and it's way better now (and most things actually work, while they didnt before). Quick question before publishing it, what features do people really want from this handler?

I currently have:

  • Boost (by 1 hour or custom hours). If you dont specify the temperature then it rounds up the current temperature and adds 1 - to force the thermostat to turn on.
  • Change current target until the next schedule change
  • Vacation/Standby enabling/disabling.

What other functions do people want to see?

Already has way more features than I need. Great integration.

Have released an interim update for this integration, mainly the following improvements:

  • Some fixes to the functions so more of them actually work (seems they didnt get tested properly on Hubitat after migrating from ST :roll_eyes:)
  • Have added a button to the thermostats, which means you can call any function inside the DTH using the Hubitat Dashboard 'button tile. For example I have set up a button tile to call my 'boostOneHour' function by putting 'boostOneHour' into the button number field of the dashboard tile. Hence I have a single button click to boost my thermostat for an hour (feel free to use the other functions)

Plenty still to do, but given the cold weather I thoughts these were worth releasing.

Great idea with the button tile.

Added an automatic update feature last week, that means it automatically requests fresh temp/status/.... after you make a request. This is delayed by 3-5 seconds given it can take 3-5 seconds for Heatmimser to process the message and be confirmed by the thermostat.
Please let me know if this is not working for you.

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This is just what I think I am looking for! Thanks for building the functionality. I am soon to move into s new build house ( UK) which has a samsung airsource heat pump feeding a joules cylinder system. It serves the ground floor wet underfloor heating where each room has its own digital wired touch screen thermostat, first floor radiators controlled by a regular wall mounted manual thermostat in the master bedroom and hot water. I spoke with Joules and they say I can replace the thermostats with neo air wireless ones and I would also need to add a neo hub and change the wiring centre. I am totally new to HA but very keen to get started.

If they are wired you can probably replace with regular Neostats rather than Neoair ones, but would likely involve you getting a bit more involved with how the setup works! Looks like a fun project either way, and glad to see heat pumps going into new builds at last. I expect the house is super efficient to make it work properly!

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