END IF TRIGGER PHONE 1 OR PHONE 2 returns or enters geofence

I'm thinking your trigger should be if they change.

Screen Shot 2020-07-28 at 8.05.34 AM

app:2082020-07-28 08:05:56.438 am infoAction: END-IF
app:2082020-07-28 08:05:56.364 am infoAction:     Off: SW2
app:2082020-07-28 08:05:56.357 am infoAction: ELSE (do actions)
app:2082020-07-28 08:05:56.352 am infoAction:     On: SW2 (skipped)
app:2082020-07-28 08:05:56.346 am infoAction: IF (Alexandra's iPhone present(F) AND 
                                                                                               Joey's iPhone present(T) [FALSE]) THEN (skipping)
app:2082020-07-28 08:05:56.237 am infoEveryone Present Triggered
app:2082020-07-28 08:05:56.203 am infoEveryone Present: Alexandra's iPhone presence not present
app:2082020-07-28 08:05:46.468 am infoAction: END-IF
app:2082020-07-28 08:05:46.451 am infoAction:     Off: SW2 (skipped)
app:2082020-07-28 08:05:46.430 am infoAction: ELSE (skipping)
app:2082020-07-28 08:05:46.362 am infoAction:     On: SW2
app:2082020-07-28 08:05:46.355 am infoAction: IF (Alexandra's iPhone present(T) AND 
                                                                                               Joey's iPhone present(T) [TRUE]) THEN
app:2082020-07-28 08:05:46.272 am infoEveryone Present Triggered
app:2082020-07-28 08:05:46.238 am infoEveryone Present: Alexandra's iPhone presence present
--- Live Log Started, waiting for events ---

Obviously SW2 is a stand-in for your Ecobee. :slight_smile:

Okay I will try and configure this correctly give me a bit and ill get back to you

Can i just copy and paste this code or can I not do that for Rules?

No, you have to clicky through your hub yourself. Rules in Hubitat Rule Machine are not exportable, therefore not importable either.

How this?

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Looks good. Good job inverting my Rule :smiley:

So this will trigger the ecobee into away mode when we both leave and if one of us returns it will trigger the ecobee to "Home Mode".

Edit*: Is it better to have the rule be: When the House is set to "AWAY Mode" set the ecobee to "Away Mode" than to have the current rule?

Not the way I read it...

It will set the Ecobee to away when ALL NOT PRESENT

It will set the Ecobee to home for every other case: any 1 or 2 are present

I keep seeing this Error in the logs. Is this something that I should fix? Your rule worked earlier perfectly fine

The thing about any 'java.lang' errors are that they terminate the program at that point.. so that whatever comes next, never does.

So.. yes, that error needs to be addressed by the author of your ecobee driver. (I don't have an Ecobee so I've never memorized if drivers are built-in or community.)

This is how I do it, but that's because I have more stuff to do on the change. What you don't want to do is have lots of rules like this all with the same trigger because they would all need to fire at the same time. So I have a complex rule to decide if we are home or away. Then depending on the mode will do other stuff in the other rule. That way for me at least it "flows".


I personally don't use Modes. I imagine them as aliases for Time. I give each room or area (living/dining) it's own time constraints. In other words, I kind of need "Mode per Room".

Which I can't have. :frowning:

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Okay that makes sense I don't know which one to use now..haha

There's no reason you can't use BOTH, but that's 2x complicated for my brain. :slight_smile:

Sandood's Ecobee suite works pretty well, if your are having problems with the native driver, It also can be installed via the Hubitat package manager.

I used it on ST and have since moved over to HE, worked great on both.

Just because I don't see it here. This is what the rule would look like with the KISS method.

TRIGGER: iPhone1, iPhone2 any leave

IF iPhone1, iPhone2 all not present THEN
    #Do whatever you want when no one is home
    Wait for condition: iPhone1, iPhone2 any present
    #Do whatever you want when someone is home.

what is the "KISS method"?

around the 12:30 point in that Hubitat Live YouTube video, Bruce Ravenel discusses keeping things simple. He sums it up again at the very end too.

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