[RELEASE] Andersen Verilock Translator Driver

With some testing help from @dtbrewer, the Andersen Verilock translator has been ported to HE. This was one device that both SmartThings and Wink supported but HE didn't. This is based on the ST driver but was rewritten to work the way HE handles composite devices.

It's a cool little device that has the ability to detect a window as both a contact and a lock sensor and will tell you if is open/closed and locked/unlocked. This integration requires you to have the Verilock Translator so it integrates via Z-Wave. The drivers are available via Hubitat Package Manager. Basically, include the Translator into HE and open/close each window to automatically add the child device. I recommend you add them one at a time so that you can figure out which one is which and rename them appropriately.

Hope someone finds it useful!

@asparling78 FYI since I know you were using these too


Can this be used to combine any zwave contact and zwave lock into a single device? Or only if a window? Or only if an Andersen Verilock product?

Hi, this doesn’t combine anything. This is a driver for Andersen Verilocks which are a sensor for locks and contact in one device. Smart Home Technology | Andersen Windows


What do I do once I have the driver installed? I tried to discover the translator but it didn't show up? Any advice?

Z-wave devices can usually be put into pairing mode with a button press (or series of presses, should be described in the product manual). Did you put the device into pairing mode while the hub was in z-wave discovery mode?

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Yes, I tried that. Here is my other thread>
my post about this

I it cannot be found. I'm not sure having the driver translates to finding the device. I saw another post that leads me to believe I need to add a virtual device that uses the driver? is that correct?

No. It would be automatically created when it’s discovered during zwave inclusion. If the hub isn’t finding the device though, I’m afraid I can’t help too much. I don’t own any of these devices so I don’t know how they work. I just ported the driver from SmartThings...

So the driver is what allows me to discover the device? If the driver was wrong or something, would that cause me to not find it when its in discovery mode? or even without the driver should it be able to see the Verilock translator when its set to discover mode?

No. The driver let’s you properly interact with the device once it is paired. Discovery is completely up to the hub.

So if the hub can't find it, I've got some other bigger issue. HMMMM....

Does anybody have experience actually using this Verilock translator?

@dtbrewer was able to get them working. He was the one who helped me test.

Do you see anything in the hub’s live logs when you put the hub in z-wave discovery mode and push the button on the translator device?

All I see on the log is that Z-wave discovery is running, then a warning that it is about to time out. And then it times out and then that is followed immediately by another time out warning.

The translator only seems to stay in its discoverable mode for about 20 seconds. and its "normal state" that it reverts to is the red and yellow light alternating flashing. Which I do not see mentioned in the documentation for the translator. The translator does have a diagnostics mode but I do not know what buttons do what once in diagnostics mode.

How far away is it from the hub? Is it possible to get the hub right near the device just for pairing?

I've tried it with them about 1.5 feet apart. same exact outcome. I'm stumped

Sorry, missed this conversation. I'll have to think through what I did and reread your situation and see if I can answer. Might be a day or so. Mine is still working very well for the most part.

Ping me again if I don't come back and comment again.

@dtbrewer I think my issue was with the verilock. I got sent a replacement and it doesn't flash red orange under normal use. And I was able to find the new one on discover mode. it is currently connected.

However, now I am trying to pair my 2gig sensors to the verilock with no luck. they are 345Mhz sensors which were formerly installed in my last house and before I moved I removed them from that system electronically. so I thought I should be able to pair them with the new verilock system. Does anyone know the procedure for enrolling new sensors? I tried triggoring them with the magnet but no luck.

I assume you are just using the small open-close sensors.

I can't get the directions to come up in the Wink app anymore, but my recollection was that you had to open the case on each sensor then close it to get it into pairing mode. Then you had to trigger it with the magnet (manually or open-close cycles) multiple times while being in the Include mode on the hub. The led on the sensor I think flashed blue during this time and then maybe went green(?) after pairing. I'm not close to them now so I can't try one out.
I had most of my sensors already paired to the Verilock Translator in Wink then moved to Hubitat. All paired sensors showed up in a few minutes after pairing the Translator. Can't remember if I ever paired any new ones after the move to Hubitat.

@dtbrewer Yes, I am using small open close sensors these ones:
Dw10 sensor
They don't have any lights on them or anything. I've tried every way I can think of. I've pulled batteries and reinstalled them while holding down the sensor to think the cover is on, without holding down the sensor. I've triggered with the magnet with cover on and off.

I'm really stumped

These are the sensors that come with the Andersen Verilock Translator system, they are the only ones I have used and wake up and light up when the cover is opened and then I believe go into pairing mode with open/close cycles:

These Honeywell ones are essentially the same thing, note the comments about the LED functionality:

Differences I see from the ones you linked: 1 battery versus 2, LEDs versus none.

I can't so far find the written paring instructions for any of these.