[RELEASE] Double Tap to the Max


Double Tap to the Max app for Hubitat

If you don't want to wait and hold a dimmer paddle while it raises or lowers, this app lets you go to max or min brightness with double-taps. It was created so that I wouldn't have to create individual Rule Machine rules for every dimmer in my house. It takes advantage of how most dimmer drivers report double-tapping. Generally, double-tap up is reported as button 1, and double-tap down is button 2.

Note: I've seen some newer dimmers with this ability built into the firmware. I love that! But this app will help with dimmers that can't do it themselves.


The best way to install this code is by using Hubitat Package Manager.

However, it can easily be installed manually.



The Zooz Have this as a selectable option and I think the inovelli red dimmers do as well. I just thought it was standard.

Yes I have one Zooz that has it in firmware, but all my GEs do not.

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