Using MYQ and getting error message

I just started using MYQ Lite and everything seems to work OK. I have linked to MYQ with user and password information and am using open close sensor with the app.
I keep getting this error every time garage door goes up and down and was thinking of removing the momentary button tile driver and see if this helps. I thought I would wait for your advice.

Did you install the device driver or just the app?

I have all three drivers and the app installed. Drivers opener, light and momentary switch.

I use the discrete Open/Close option along with Samsung SmartThings sensor on the door. I haven't seen any log errors using this method; however, I very infrequently use HE for door opening / closing and primarily use the SmartThings sensor to trigger door open/close alert and to trigger garage lighting in the evening.


Where did you get the code from? Do you have the github url?

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Not near my HE right now, but is your MyQ port available via your HPM? If it is, then I will start recommending that people install MyQ via HPM.


It is. I’m in a parking lot in my phone so it’s a little hard to get the link but I will when I get home.

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No worries. I'll post the link.


To make sure the issue doesn't arise from your using the wrong version of the MyQ code, could you please do one of the following:

  1. Install Hubitat Package Manager (HPM) and then install MyQ support using HPM. This would be the preferred way to install MyQ support,
  2. Install @dman2306's port of the SmartThings MyQ application using the links from this post:
    Updated MyQ Lite Application



Download the Hubitat app