[RELEASE] Switch Bindings

I use Switch Bindings to turn bind 3 way Inovelli ZWave light switches. Also, I reboot my hub every other day to cut back on the slowdowns.

I've noticed that Switch Bindings takes a while to respond to button presses after a restart. Typically, Switch Binding takes about 500ms after the switch is pushed. However, right after a restart, it typically takes about 7s. It almost feels like the app doesn't actually get initialized until the first button press.

Please help look into this. I had a very similar issue with the ABC app and the author was able to fix the app to initialize on a restart.


Hello, I just got a ERIA Dimmer Switch (Zigbee), and I do not see it the list of switches. I think the the driver for the "switch" makes it a button. Would it be possible to have to APP be able to work with buttons?

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I think there are too many ways the logic of binding to a button could be set up, for me to add an overall solution. However, here’s what I suggest:

  • create a virtual switch to represent your device
  • use rule machine to connect your button events and change the state of the virtual switch
  • bind the virtual switch to other devices with Switch Bindings
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Joel, this app is awesome.

Months ago I tried the build in mirror app and was disappointed how easily things got out of sync. Ended up doing a single direction mirroring in RM4 and it has been working well up until a recent update of Zooz FW that made me re-enable manual control. Long story. I was just in the middle of rewriting my RM to be bidirectional and thought I would search again.

Initial testing looks pretty solid. Thank you for the app.

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After using this for almost a week, it is working perfectly !!


IMPORTANT UPDATE: Switch Bindings can now be installed from Hubitat Package Manager. This is the best way to make sure you keep up-to-date with bug fixes and new features.

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Thx man. I'll give it a crack.

Do I just install it as a "New Package within Packet Manager or will that create another instance of Switch Bindings, seeing as I already have it installed and running ?

I don't really want to break what is currently working well. :slight_smile:

Install HPM, and select match packages (or similar). It will find it, and prompt you to update (select yes). Best to ensure you are on the latest, even if you think you are.


Just tried this out with two Wemo dimmers that are wired to the same lights (been using AutoMation manager to handle the 3-way/syncing since Belkin doesn't offer that). Anyway, this seems to work pretty well. The only thing that doesn't sync is the LEDs on the touch sliders, but the actual level's are sync'd between them according to the devices in Hubitat and my eyes.

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Hello @jwetzel1492, thanks for the app. I have a question, I am trying to control my hue lights with my zooz zen22 switches with the manual control disable. I tried Mirror app but it was too slow so I thought about to try this app, so I bound my switch and two of my hue lights, I see the behavior is quite similar than with the Mirror app, I can turn them off/on and dim the lights, I see their status sync but still it is still really slow 1-2 sec to turn on/off from where I press the switch. Is it ok to use this app to perform what I am doing? Is it normal the slow response I am getting or should I stick with mirror app or is there any other faster way to control my hue lights with my switch keeping them sync no matter if I use the switch or the Hue app?



This is a limitation of the HUE app and integration, it does a poll not a push. Rule of thumb you need to always control the light through hubitat. That way it will always be fast and in sync.

Thanks and I understand that if I modify the status from the app it could take some time to sync because of what you mentioned, the problem I am having is that even if I am doing it directly through habitat the delay is huge, 2 to 2.5 sec, since I click the switch until the lights turn on/off, so i dont know if this is expected or if there is any other way to do it faster. definitely having this kind of delay make the switches completely useless and then I would prefer to go back to the Hue dimmers but I really wanted to removed the dimmers so i would be able to use my hue lights through the switches so my other half would be happy.

Ooh, this looks interesting. I'm hooked on webcore, is there any advantage to this instead?

It's very easy to manage Switch Bindings --- saves yourself from writing a few rules/pistons. I'd also imagine the event hooks from this app will be more streamlined than what rules/pistons will compute, though it's probably negligible.

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I'm planning on hooking up 2 motion sensors to outside, and treat them as one to reduce false alarms. I'll take a look at this, thanks!

Hm, a rule may work better for that. Something like:

  1. Create a virtual motion sensor (Outdoor Motion, is what I'll refer to it as)
  2. Create a rule/piston:
    a. if (Sensor A & Sensor B are active: Set Outdoor Motion as active)
    b. else (Set Outdoor Motion as inactive)
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is there an app similar to this that would work for locks?

So that locks would always lock/unlock together?

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Yup. Currently doing it with a couple rules. I just thought there might be an app available already.

Just to explain clearer. I have a virtual lock on smartthins that I can access from the st app on my galaxy watch. I mirror this lock to hubitat with hubconnect and have rules to keep the real lock in sync with hubconnect virtual lock.

All this just to have control from watch. The ST app is the prettiest way to do this. There are some tasker option but they don't look as nice.

Gotcha. No, this doesn't do that right now, but if your rules are working well, that sounds good.

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