[RELEASE] Advanced Zooz Zen22 / Zen21 Central Scene Dimmer and Switch Drivers

Lmao. Well they can't do much. But 15$ for a zwave switch was to good to pass. I'll just keep in mind what these are and aren't

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Just to clarify, what @jrobertson50 purchased, wasn't a deal for Memorial Day Sale but a Garage Sale deal that The Smartest House has for older discontinued products, either used or brand new but old versions. Just wanted to clear that up since we do our best to be very transparent about the condition and version of the products sold.

For VER. 1 switches, we just recommend using the generic Z-Wave switch / dimmer device type since they didn't really have any advanced settings.


thanks for the clarification. either way the switch works. and the deal was too good to pass up.


I have three VER. 1 switches myself. I also picked one up at the discount price in May. They work great and I use them where I don't need the advanced features (garage door, basement door, etc.). I use them in locations that I want automated but rarely ever get touched. I only wish I could turn off the LED with the driver. My oldest one, probably my first Zooz switch ever, which I got from Amazon before I knew about the Smartest House has a flickering LED and I’d like to shut it off. I’ll probably just move it to the basement door and forget about it.

I did an ota update on my v.2 zen22 switches, and now I'm working on a support ticket with zooz.
I first asked them about issues, while I was using the built in driver, then switched to this one, on the same ticket. They both had issues with ramp rate.
On this driver, my ramp rate doesn't seem to be working properly from hub control.

It appears there is a missing parameter. There is one ramp rate which can be used for both, control from the switch, or from the hub, if the ramp controls are set to match.

There is also another setting to control the speed of the ramp, when the switch is physically held.

What seems to be missing is the independent ramp rate, for the hub control, for when the physical & hub ramp rates are set to be independent.

I didn't see it in the parameter list on the zooz support page either, which could explain why I didn't see it in the device settings.

Has anybody else here been able to control the ramp rate from the hub, while it is set to operate independent, from the physical rate?

The stock drivers don't work well with the newest firmware update. Mine did the same thing, and thankfully, @bcopeland wrote some terrific drivers that fixes things. Maybe he can integrate these changes or make a new official driver for this newest firmware?

These are available in Hubitat Package Manager too.

I just tried to use this driver for my zen22 using firmware 3.5 and got the same problem, where by default was using 0 for the auto off/on, is this still an error or this is how it is? Like it was mentioned here I used 1 as default.

The main problem was that after I updated the driver, save it, and click on configure, the switch wasnt responding anymore to hub commands, on/off, from the device page or from my dashboard. Did I miss something? If click it manually it reported its status correctly. I know it received the preference update form the new driver because as soon as I return to the Hubitat default driver everything start working again and switch automatically turned off after 1 minute. I wold like to use this driver so i can have all the advance future but not sure why the switch wasnt responding to commands from the hub.

I have lots of Zen21 and Zen22 devices. Thanks a lot for the awesome drivers, bcopeland!
(Also, making extensive use of your firmware updater - it's going to be a party labor day weekend :slight_smile:)

Question on the association group trigger - I assume the answer is no, not right now anyways - but is it possible to have the associated group devices get the on/off signal from a double tap instead of single tap (I.E. button 3/4)?

The goal being a single tap up/down controls the individual switch and a double tap up/down controls the group.

I have this implemented with rule machine right now, but the group of devices I'm controlling are at least a hop away from the hub, so the delay in getting all the devices on/off is anywhere from 2-5 seconds (maybe I have other issues if I'm seeing that kind of delay?). So, local group association would be ideal to make things snappy.

If I had to guess, I assume this would require an update to the firmware to support it, but figured I'd ask in case I'm overlooking something in the existing configuration.

I just recently upgraded my zen22 to 4.1 firmware due to a feature request that I had with them. I am just starting out moving my devices from ST to HE and I found this driver. I noticed the driver isn't working on the 4.1 firmware at least for on-off functionality. Any tips cause I would like to use the advanced features.

v.3.07 is the latest version on their change log for the Zen22.

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4.1? like it was just mentioned, the last firmware is 3.07 for the zen22. if this driver has the same issue as the driver for zen27 and zen26 then it seems to be related to s2 authentication in the C7, at least that is what is being mentioned

There have already been a couple of reports of people trying to use these drivers but while trying the switch doesn't respond to on/off directly on the device page. Maybe @bcopeland could check if this is a real issue or not, sure as soon as he has time.

My Zen22 has 4.0 on it. There is a dimmer ver 3 and a dimmer ver 4. I assume dimmer v4 has the firmware starting with 4.0.

  • deviceType: 45330
  • inClusters: 0x5E,0x26,0x85,0x8E,0x59,0x55,0x86,0x72,0x5A,0x73,0x70,0x5B,0x9F,0x6C,0x7A
  • zwNodeInfo: D3 9C 00 04 11 01 5E 26 85 5C 8E 59 55 86 72 5A 73 70 5B 9F 6C 7A 68 23
  • firmwareVersion: 4.0
  • deviceId: 7964
  • zwaveAssociationG3: []
  • zwaveAssociationG2: []
  • manufacturer: 634
  • zwaveAssociationG1: [01]
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You are right. I see now they have ver. 4 in their store. I bought mines a month and half ago and ver 3 was the last one last time I checked. Either way, the issue you are having seems to be similar or the same as the issue some of us are having as well where we cannot turn on/off the switch from the device page or the dashboard so maybe it is more with the C7 habitat version than with the switches version.

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Aha. I stand corrected.

Yeah so I was on 3.05 from the devices I bought a few months back during memorial day sale. I found a feature gap where if you wanted to use the auto on / off functionality but had the physical paddle disable, the auto on/off functionality didn't work. So they added it to the backlog and sent me the 4.01 firmware a few days ago with that supposedly fixed (I haven't confirmed it works yet).

So regarding the S2, when I pair the device with HE it does give me a prompt and I go with S2 Unauthenticated (default). For some reason I thought the zen21/22 didn't have have S2. That was a Zen26/27 feature. Should i try to remove and rejoin and select different S2 options?

what does the 3-Way Switch Type setting do? what is the difference between normal and momentary ?

This is the description from the advanced ST driver. There are 3 values for this setting. In this driver they are called their are 2 regular options and 2 momentary options, but the momentary appear to do the same.

  • Standard mechanical - turns on/off to last brightness level.

  • Enhanced mechanical - tap paddle once to change state (on/off), tap paddles twice to turn lights to full brightness, tap 3 times to enable a dimming sequence (will loop through the level), tap again to set the level.

  • Momentary switch - tap once to change status (on/off), tap twice to turn light to full brightness, press and hold to adjust brightness (dim up / dim down).

I have three of the ZEN21 switches with firmware 4.0 (here's one):


Using your driver (I pulled in the one linked in Hubitat Package Manager), when I manually turn the switch on and off, I get double events in the log. This seems to then lead other apps to double trigger.

I'm not pressing for any extended period of time. I wondered if it might have to do with whether the setting was for normal, reverse, or either paddle activating/deactivating the switch. So, I did try to change it back to normal (I had it on either), but it did not change the result.

It doesn't look like anybody else has seen the same when I examine this thread, so I wanted to bring it to your attention.

Edit: Could it relate to the association report selection? I honestly don't know what an association report is, and I left at "all of the above" (oddly, the choices in the device page are related to ZEN26 and not ZEN21, but I assumed a driver for 26 was used as a model for this one).


There is a bug in the Zen21 driver: it doesn't let me save preferences with the auto off timer set to 0. 0 should disable the feature, which means I can't disable auto off.

I don't have any Zen22 switches, so I can't verify whether or not that driver has the same bug.

EDIT: it seems that there is a separate parameter to enable/disable the timer, so the bug is that the default value for the timer is 0, which is out of range.

Yes it applied to both the zen21 and Zen22.

Just set the timer to 1 or some other valid number and keep the auto disabled.

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