Issues with iOS Presence

My wife and I use iPhones and the Hubitat iOS App, to detect our presence. Ever since I got my hub we have been having issues with the app semi regularly double logging the event. For example, when I leave it will log two "not present" events at exactly the same time. That then kicks of the "Everyone Leaves" automation (Rule Machine) twice. I've searched around and haven't seen anything else on this, but it's happening to both of us. Any idea if it's a known issue or if I'm confused about something? Thanks.

Use the mobile presence sensor by @Johndc7 instead. I find it much more accurate and it uses your wifi to determine your presence instead of geofencing.

Where do we download that?

Use the Hubitat package manager

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The Hubitat Package Manager (HPM) is a community app that you can install via the "Apps Code" screen.

Ask if you have any issues installing it!

Also, welcome to the community!

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I finally gave up on HE's ability to accurately track my presence on our iOS phones. I installed's app, tested the free edition, which has been 99% perfect, smaller battery drain, and the paid annual version has some very nice location "circle" features that allow for advanced automations... HPM has a nice app that interfaces with HE and pulls street address, etc...

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I am still using HE presence, but I have also added using the Alexa app as a presence sensor. It has worked very well for me. HE works at about 90% of the time, the Alexa App is at about 99.5%. I have only had is not work once that I can recall since I started using it. With the combination of both it has been spot on.

I believe that’s an Android-only solution.

There’s also the iPhone WiFi presence sensor and combined presence app by @jwetzel1492, which works great. And ironically despite the name, it works with (most) android phones too.

Nope, use it with my iphone


According to the release thread it uses an android app from the google play store.

Works fine with both mine and my wife's iphone

Hmm, I wonder why the developer describes it as android-only and what the function of the separate android app is :man_shrugging:.

Not sure... I looked at the code and nothing in there seems android or apple specific... Maybe @Johndc7 will chime in

I'll also note that the one I showed doesn't require an app at all, it simply checks for the ip on the network. You reserve an ip in your DHCP server and the moment your phone connects or disconnects from wifi the action is tripped. The one you're posting shows you install an app on the phone. This one doesn't do that.

Maybe it’s a WiFi presence sensor that’s mobile OS agnostic, with additional features for android users that make use of the separate android app. The dev has only one release thread AFAICT.

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Yeah. Maybe more geofencing in the app. For me personally my phone connects to my Wi-Fi at the street . By the time I get to my front door the door unlocks and the lights kick on. Though I will be changing that around with multiple triggers soon

Not sure... I looked at the code and nothing in there seems android or apple specific... Maybe @Johndc7 will chime in

The reason it is Android only is because all of the presence data / events come from the app. Since I only wrote the app for Android (I don't have an App Store developer account or an iPhone to test with), it is Android only.

Most other WiFi presence solutions are just pinging an IP address on your network to see if it is available. I could implement something like this for iOS devices but it would most likely be much slower since the accuracy would be limited to the rate that Habitat is pinging the device.

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Doh! I realized I had @johndc7's installed but not being used, I'm actually using Joe Wetzels.... @marktheknife I feel a bit dumb at the moment

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I am wondering if you could explain a little more for a newbie how you use the Alexa app as a presence sensor. Thanks.

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I have an Alexa routine That turns off a virtual switch when I leave the house and another routine that turns it back on when I arrive home.

In the Alexa routine under "When this happens" select location. From there you can select the Alexa routine to execute when you leave or arrive at a location.

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