[RELEASE] Universal Ecobee Suite, Version 1.8.01

Did you actually re-enter your credentials, as directed? Even though it may say you are authorized, the message will pop up whenever the code finds an issue with the communication to/from the Ecobee servers.

Try actually re-authorizing, and the messages should stop.

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Conversion ideas.

So, I have RM set up with Ecobee Integration. I'm experiencing some issues and decided to reinstall this package. At first blush, looks quite intimidating. I have Keen vents and temp/humidity sensors in each of my zones. Currently I have a RM for each zone to turn on and off the HVAC based on virtual thermostats and thermostat scheduler.

I'd rather not reconfigure my entire home HVAC system from the get go. Can I just start small with this app to remove my dependency on Ecobee Integration? Here's one of my zone RM.

I've gotten as far as configuring devices, global prefs, and authentication. I tried the Mode Helper, but it doesn't see my Ecobee Suite Thermostat, but the device section does see the thermostat and the sensor (and I configure the thermostat to act as a sensor too). Thanks for pointers.

Yes but I’ll do it again and see how long it lasts.

i was getting these when I changed my wifi router. Is the thermostat connected to the wifi?

Yeah it’s good on my WiFi.

Feel free to modify the code any way you like, but I cannot help you with issues (like not seeing the thermostat).

Far easier just to install the whole suite. There isn't really any reconfiguration required, you just get a new set of device handlers for the thermostats and sensors, and a bunch of useful Helper apps. You can use the Hubitat Package Manager to automate the code install/update process.

The suite includes a Helper specifically to handle your use case with Keen vents (Smart Vents Helper)...

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So here’s what I’m seeing. My ecobee is solid on my WiFi. I’ve authenticated my ecobee in the app several times. I have 2FA enabled. In hubitat on the app listing it’s showing (ONLINE). Yet as per my pushover, once every three hours I’m getting a notification about it being disconnected.

Log file:

My apologies, @inetjnky - I am in the midst of a complex physical relocation and I do not have access to my HA systems to debug and fix the issue you are seeing. I suggest for now that you simply disable the notification in ES Manager Preferences, until I get settled and operational in my new destination.

No worries, best of luck on your relocation!! Thanks for the feedback.

@storageanarchy are there any plans to add support for switch+ ?

Not unless Ecobee shares their real-time (non-polled) API to independent developers (like me). It makes no sense try to support a switch when the fastest I can see manual changes to the switch is +60 seconds...

If Hubitat's own Ecobee integration supports Switch+, then you can simply run that for your switches, and Ecobee Suite for the thermostats & sensors.

FWIW, there are MANY better switches that you can use natively with Hubitat...

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None with Alexa built in. And few with a near instant motion sensor -> light on response time.

Guess this means you decided not to accept my PR that added support. Sigh. Now I have to maintain a fork to keep it working for me :frowning:

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For years I have been asking for local access to the API that is running inside the thermostat. If they can open it up for homekit by Apple why not for everyone else? My conclusion is because if we did receive local access then we could remove the cloud connect from the device and Ecobee's model of selling ECO+ control to your utilities along with data sciences would disrupt their business model.

Nothing with Ecobee's API's make it good for real time actions triggered by the device and it sensors but it is pushable with configuration and settings changes. when you have your own hardware. Ecobee's audience isn't us with Hubs it more to Google/Amazon and Apple with their solutions.

I'm sorry, but it's not that I won't accept your code - I'm just not in a position to be doing ANY coding at the moment. I will look at it, I promise, and I will probably include it (once I get back into programming mode).

That said, while it works for your use case, I'm not sure everyone will be satisfied with the delayed responsiveness...


just FYI. Ecobee is sending me a free sensor to try out their haven program

Free 1 month no cc needed.

Some of you others may have gotten an email.

A new smart sensor (for the tstat) or the horribly named "smart sensor for doors and windows"?

Ecobee sent me two of each of those, as well as the Smart Camera (the "security bundle"). The new style tstat sensors are just great - I replaced 2 of my older (13) ones that were at the limit of their range.

The Camera is pretty nice. With the Haven subscription it adds some useful features. But there's no integration with anything else. And without the Haven subscription it's feature set is terrible for the price.

The "smart sensors for doors and windows" are pretty, but overpriced and slow. IMHO, they are useless, even with the Haven subscription.

My detailed reviews: Smart Camera, SmartSensor for doors and windows

The second.

I'd love to hear your opinion about them (the smart sensor for doors and windows) to compare with mine.

I will give them a go when they arrive and post my thoughta. I have no particular use for them. But can't turn my nose up at 80 bucks worth of free hardware. (2 pack)

Disregard my issues with getting disconnect notices. I figured out what was going on. My C7 hub was up and online but not connected while I was still working off my c4 hub which is connected. I ■■■■ the c7 hub down for now and messages stopped. :smiley:

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