NuHeat Signature Integration

NuHeat Signature provides integration of NuHeat floor thermostats with Hubitat. This device presents itself to Hubitat as a thermostat device.

This integration supports a single NuHeat thermostat per device installation. This device can be installed multiple times to support multiple thermostats.

The nuHeat Signature thermostat should be already configured and operating properly with the nuHeat website and mobile app prior to enabling this integration. This integration does rely on the nuHeat cloud/APIs.

Current Release Updated May 17, 2020

Installation and Updating

  1. Install drivers (HE console -> Drivers Code -> +New Driver)
  2. Create App (HE console -> Devices -> + Add Virtual Device; select "NuHeat Signature Thermostat"
  3. Enter your Nuheat username and password and Thermostat Serial number


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Thanks for posting the integration! I installed the driver and can access my NuHeat thermostats - I'd like them to go into standby mode based on a Rulemachine condition (away-mode) but I have not been able to figure out how. Is that possible with your integration?

There is a command indefinite hold to look at.

Thanks - I am able to get it into indefinite hold now, but I don't seem to be able to resume. Do you mind letting me know what the parameter/value is to accomplish this?

Never mind- figured it out!

Thanks for porting this. Have a question/comment. In command "setHeatingSetpointWithHoldTime" it brings up a date picker, based on the Nuheat phone app hold times are based on hours with a max of 23 hours. Is there something I'm missing

Updated posted. New command added to setHeatingSetpointwithHoldHours

many optimizations

This is working very well. Thank you for creating this for Hubitat.

One request: could you add:
capability "Thermostat"
on about line 42?

This will allow InfluxDB Logger to recognize the NuHeat Signature as a Thermostat and pass attributes such as heatingSetpoint to InfluxDB.

Thermostat draws in a lot of commands (that need to be created and nulled out).

can influxes just check for heating or cooling or temperature?

I just checked her code and it looks like it'd be a heavier lift. Adding that one line in yours did the trick for me but maybe there are unintended consequences that I don't understand. In any case, I was hoping it was an easy fix but it sounds like not. I do now also see that you had this commented out on line 36 so I'm just uncommenting it at the moment so the InfluxDB Logger sees the NuHeat Thermostat as a Thermostat and passes the attributes over to the DB.

If there are unintended consequences of that that I should look out for, I'm all ears. Thanks anyway!

Is anyone aware of an IP-only version for this device that will not require it to be connected to the actual internet? Just the home network by IP address?

I don't think Nuheat does this.

What template do I choose on my Dashboard?

OJ Microline makes a similar thermostat with essentially the same properties, perhaps even mostly the same parts. I wonder if this integration can be adapted to enable control of those thermostats?

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