[Beta] Hubitat - Shinobi NVR Integration

I have developed a new integration to Shinobi which allows both control of the monitors (cameras) in Shinobi and the use of Shinobi motion detection to trigger motion events in Hubitat. This allows a single interface to Shinobi to manage a variety of cameras and video recording as supported in that platform.

Installation is via the Hubitat Package Manager

The code is in the Hubitat-Shinobi Github Repository with more details in the ReadMe

Feedback and additional ideas welcome!


ooo, i'll have to try this as i recently moved from zoneminder to shinobi and definitely enjoy it

just played a little with it, and i like it. this should help me from having to buy a motion sensor for my garage now to keep lights on :slight_smile:


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@brad2 is there any way to remove a device? I initially imported 5 cameras, but one of them gave out on me (ok, i was playing with it and bricked it). I went back through the app and only the 4 existing ones show on the list, but in my devices the 5 original ones are there. The option to "Remove Device" is grayed out as well

EDIT: disregard. I removed the app all together, then added back my NVR and it only has the 4 cameras now

A gap in any case - I added some code so the App will now remove child devices when you uncheck them in the App Setup screen.

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Thanks for this! I have motion events for some of my cameras working, no errors logged so far. Appreciate the work!

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I'm a little late to this game. I've got a working Shinobi with motion and tensorflow object detections and mqtt publishing appearing to work (Mint 19.1, Wyze RTSP camera). When I install the HE app with the API Key and GroupKey I get this error.

From a quick glance at the code, I'm guessing Shinobi did not return what was expected. I'm pretty sure the Keys are correct. Any ideas what to do next other that print out what was received.

Eventually I tracked the problem down to authentication errors on my Shiboni server. The Hubitat App did toss a large error message or two to the log but the child devices were created and they work.

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Download the Hubitat app