Bond Bridge Pro - Step by Step?

Hey all! I've come across this, which purports to add Bond Bridge control to Hubitat: dcmeglio/hubitat-bond on github.

Unfortunately, I have absolutely no idea what to do. How do I download and run something from Github? How do I run a Groovy file? How do I set any of this up?

Is there any way I could get step by step directions? I have absolutely no idea what to do.


There is a thread dedicated to this (you may have to scroll down to get to when the app was created):

I would suggest as a first step the you install Hubitat Package Manager, another Community developed application that many Community developers use to distribute their apps and drivers.

With HPM installed you can then find and install the Bond app and drivers.

I'm probably not giving you enough detail, but see how you go in finding your way and I or others can fill in any gaps. I can also give you more of a hand after I finish work.

And welcome to the Community.


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Thanks for the fast reply! How do I install HPM? I went to Github and downloaded the ZIP file, but it just leaves me with a .groovy file and no clue how to open it!

I suspect the zip is just a build artefact, you can either use this as the basis for the "raw" code from the instructions I link to below, or you can get the raw version of each file from the source code in the Git repository yourself.

One of the other dev's (Bryan) has some good instructions on installing code

Essentially, the groovy files need to be loaded into the Drivers Code and Apps Code areas on the HE Web UI. This loads the code, then you go to the Apps or Devices pages to setup / install an instance of that App or Driver, with many apps that have linked device drivers, typically installing the devices for you through some discovery process or something similar.

Again, probably haven't given you enough info exactly, but see how you go.


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So the steps I would suggest are below, including installing HPM and the BOND Home Integration application and drivers.

Installing Hubitat Package Manager (optional)

Open the Web Admin interface for your hub
Access Apps Code from the menu on the left hand side of the web page
Click the "+ New App" button on the top right of the page
Open the raw copy of the HPM application code, copy the text displayed and paste into the new application code page opened above
Click Save to save the code on your HE hub
Still on the HE Hub Admin, click on the Apps section on the menu
In the top right of the page, click "+ Add User App" button
Select Hubitat Package Manager
Follow instructions for installing and using HPM on the readme page for the application

Installing Bond App / Drivers

My suggestion is to search for the BOND Home Integration app in HPM:
Open the HPM app on the HE Web UI and choose Install
Search using Tags
Choose the Integrations tag
Find the Bond app from the list and select Install

Alternatively, you can install all the driver and application code from the Git Repository:
Application Code
If you choose to go down this route, let me know and I can provide some more steps, but an example of this is outlined in the HPM install, but the drivers are installed under the Drivers Code section, compared to the Apps Code section for the application groovy file.

Either method, HPM or manually loading the code in the Apps / Drivers Code areas, simply get the code onto the Hub. The final step is to install the Bond App.

In the HE Hub Admin, click on the Apps section on the menu on the left of the page
In the top right of the page, click "+ Add User App" button
Select BOND Home Integration

Some notes for the configuration of the Bond application are available on the readme.

Hopefully these notes will get you further down the path, if you haven't got there already.


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Download the Hubitat app