Z-Wave transition time in Rule Machine?

Quick question to assist my migration from Home-Assistant...

In HA I had a rule to 'dim on' my bedroom light over a time period, at a particular colour (to simulate the colour of the dawn sky). Under actions, it was basically setting the Z-Wave dimmer to:
level: 15
transition: 600
colour: (rgb value)

I note under the Hubitat z-wave dimmer devices I have (Aeotec Nano Dimmer and in this case the Aeotec LED strip light, which is RGBW) you can set a level with the transition time and that works as expected. The above rule (if done manually) will dim up from the 'off' LED strip to 15% over a period of 600 seconds. (I'll ignore the colour for the moment.)

It is a great way to wake up and we're missing it, here at the tail end of winter in Australia.

So I know the device supports it (both from Home Assistant and Hubitat's device page) but I can't get Rule Machine to do it. The 'Fade dim on' thing does not do as expected and it's hard to 'break' if you want to turn the light on/off manually - Rule Machine just takes over again a few seconds later and undoes what you've manually done. (In contrast, if you change a 'transition' dim setting by manually using a switch, the light just does what you tell it to.)

Is there any way to do a "set dim 15% over 600 sec" in Rule Machine without using that weird 'fade' loop?

Thanks! Slightly frustrated here, as most other things I've moved from HA have worked well.

See this user app that, I believe, does what you want:

Easiest way to install is to first install Hubitat Package Manager, then use that to install this (and other) user packages, and keep them up to date:

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Thanks, I will certainly look at this for the 'wake up' function. :+1: It sounds useful, though installing other package managers and the alike sounds a bit memory-hog-ish.

However the question of 'dim to level with transition in seconds' is still a Z-Wave function I'd like to access properly from Rule Machine, as I did use it for other features that 'wake up' wouldn't address. (I didn't highlight all the other ways of using dim-transition, so as not to cloud the query.)

It’s up to you, but you will soon see the utility of HPM. You only have to install it once, not for each app. Many (not yet most) of the useful user app developers have put their apps/drivers into HPM.


I will definitely have a look at HPM and thank you for bringing it to my attention... I guess my reticence comes from years of seeing 'black box' devices filled with all types of other code, making me cautious.

All community-created code is added by source that can be read, reviewed, and changed. No black boxes.


Sorry, my bad communication there - I mean 'black boxes' like NAS units that you'd normally use a production systems suddenly getting docker installed and/or running VMs. I bought the HE C7 to be a 'production' level device to control my Z-Wave flock of devices... I was sick of poking Home Assistant every few weeks to un-break something in the weekly (or more frequent) code updates. I was looking for a "get it to do the basics, well, and leave it alone" automation box.

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I agree, and I have the same “no tinkering” attitude.

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