Looking for a step by step on adding the weather.gov app

I have tried several times and just can't seem to get it done.
Anyone know where I can find this info. Thanks so much.

It’s a driver, not an app. Add as a user driver.

Sorry, I meant a driver. Tried that still did not work.

Did you post this in the developer's thread for this particular app? That is the best way to keep the information consolidated, and have the developer see this information.

That being said, are you using Hubitat Package Manager or trying to install manually?

I did not. I did see where someone was looking for some documentation and just said it was a hobby.
So I was really just looking for a resource on how to do this kind of stuff. I come from ST and installed lots of them there but this is just a little more involved.
I was trying to install it manually.

Have you ever installed an app on Hubitat before? Do you know how to do an import of the code?

While you can install apps and drivers manually, it is much easier to install and use HPM. That one time install allows you to very quickly and easily discover, install, update and manage other apps.

As far as community code goes, the developers don't always document their works. But in the case of Bryan's (bptworld) apps, there is a fair amount of information and instruction right in the app itself.

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FYI, if you don't tag me ... I may not see the post. I just happen to see it this morning scrolling for something else.

It's right on my GitHub, in the Docs folder. Been there since I started writing code. Nobody goes there. :man_shrugging:

That person wanted a complete breakdown of what each option did. That's not going to happen. Please don't take things out of context. If you have a particular problem or are stuck on a certain step, by all means post of the weather dot gov app thread. I'd be happy to help.

For general 'How to' instructions for HE, click on the 'Documentation' link at the top of every page of this message board. Scroll down to the 'How to Guides' and you'll see ' How to Install Custom Apps' and ' How to Install Custom Drivers'. :eyes:

Hope this helps.


@bptworld (Bryan) and users of his apps are very helpful...after you do a little pre-reading at the locations that Bryan pointed to, ask some questions in the app thread and you'll get sorted.


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