First Time - What Apps To Download First

I’ll be getting the new C7 Hubitat soon and was wondering what apps should I download first that you wished you’d known about sooner. Thanks for your recommendations and advice.


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  • Simple Automations is a great place to start
  • The mobile app if you are interested in presence detection using your phone(s)

Welcome to the community Joel. Are you new to home automation or migrating?
If you're migrating, consider hub connect if you're coming from smartthings.
Before you get into apps, work on migrating your devices. You'll have questions there. Then you'll get recommendations from other users as far as what others are using.
Welcome to the


Package manager - great way to look through what community driven apps are available


Thanks, I was wondering how I would be able to add my girlfriends phone along with mine as both present sensors

I’m brand new to home automation I have an Ecoobe5, some lights and just ordered a Zwave plug to let me know when the washer is done. I obviously have not received the C7 yet but will let you know when I do.

Then the laundry monitoring style apps will be of interest, such as better laundry monitor

and follow me or the HE notifications apo


You may also want to sign up for the beta mobile app


Then you should definitely see this post:

Mesh is a bit more tricky in hubitat and does require some thought, so refer to the first two articles.


I'd also recommend using smartly once you start looking at dashboards.

Also, anything by @bptworld


HubConnect if you are connecting to other Hubs like SmartThings.
Honeywell Security with an Ecolink 4 if you are integrating a Honeywell Vista Alarm Panel
Google Home and/or Amazon Echo Skill
Life360 with States from BPTWorld for Mobile Presence.
Rule Machine for complicated rules
Simple Automation for most other rules.
Motion Lighting Apps for rules with motion sensors.
Thermostat Scheduler
Zone Motion Controller for aggregating motion sensors.

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So I know how to add my iPhone as a presence device. How would I do that for my girlfriends iPhone. Would she need to make an account or just sign into my account.

I think this would be simpler. You can have multiple mobile devices for any user account.

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Oh okay I didn’t know that. Thank you!

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No worries. All will be clear when you setup your C-7!

Can I make a suggestion? While you are waiting, make a list of all your devices (and their protocol) and post it here. There are plenty of helpful and knowledgeable folk here who can help you find device drivers for them (if necessary) or provide other tips to ensure a smooth migration to Hubitat.

Another thing to consider is to collate factory reset directions for your devices. A factory reset will permit pairing them in a "clean" state to Hubitat.

Finally, these three aspects of the Hubitat documentation are invaluable:

  1. How to Build a Solid Zigbee Mesh
  2. How to Build a Solid Z-Wave Mesh
  3. Join and Reset Instructions

Download the Hubitat app