Day 2 of new install

Well, I got a few things ported over and working. I ordered the ST sensors for my garage doors, so hopefully that will fix the MyQ app install errors.

My PC dashboard is looking better, and I started making a mobile one for my phone.

Ring is still giving me an error. I'll rerun the install and add the error below. I have 3 floodlight cams outside.

I'm looking to add a humidity sensor in a bath that will turn on a fan when humidity reaches (value). Right now I have 2 dumb switches for light and fan. Any suggestions for a new quiet fan welcome, along with what switches/sensors to use. From what I've found, folks are doing 2, one for switch, one for sensor. Is there a smart all in one?

I guess Nest thermostats aren't gonna workj :frowning:

Gonna look into adding harmony hub and neato maybe.

Also, I'm looking for ways to automate pool lights that currently can only turn on at the control box by pressing light button, running off a relay I guess. Wifi reaching out there might be a problem, but I do have an extra Orbi satellite I could set up. Another pool problem I have is every time power surges at my house (quite frequently with storms, affecting all neighbors not just me) the pool control box turns off the filter relay and you have to manually push the button on control box. A new Hayward control box is 1,500 so trying to avoid that. Right now, only way I know house had a surge is coffee maker clock blinking, but this doesn't work too well when I'm not home. I've looked into ways some of my current smart devices could send me a notification when powered back on, but never found anything that could do that.

Thanks for all help and suggestions!

here's the error I get with ring install:

Devices Added


If you added an Alarm base or Smart Lighting bridge you must now go to that device and click 'Create Devices'.

Add Ring Device Results:

An error occured Device type 'Ring Virtual Light with Siren' in namespace 'ring-hubitat-codahq' not found An error occured Device type 'Ring Virtual Light with Siren' in namespace 'ring-hubitat-codahq' not found An error occured Device type 'Ring Virtual Light with Siren' in namespace 'ring-hubitat-codahq' not found

From the log:

2020-07-29 10:54:48.473 warnProbs need to enable OATH in the app's code, dood/ette. This is required if IFTTT will be used to receive motion and ring events.

app:772020-07-29 10:54:33.820 warnCreating a Ring Floodlight Cam with dni: RING-31050806

app:772020-07-29 10:54:33.804 warnCreating a Ring Floodlight Cam with dni: RING-4503842

app:772020-07-29 10:54:33.791 warnCreating a Ring Floodlight Cam with dni: RING-4475158

app:772020-07-29 10:54:23.478 errorjava.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No json exists for response on line 1257 (responseHandler)

app:772020-07-29 10:53:33.993 warnCreating a Ring Floodlight Cam with dni: RING-31050806

app:772020-07-29 10:53:33.978 warnCreating a Ring Floodlight Cam with dni: RING-4503842

app:772020-07-29 10:53:33.853 warnCreating a Ring Floodlight Cam with dni: RING-4475158

I use two switches. There are switches with built in motion (GE) but I am not aware of any with built in humidity. In either case, the switch location is probably not optimal for either type of sensing. I would suggest a Zigbee sensor for both motion and humidity, they seem to be faster than Zwave sensors in general.

To turn the fan on, I use an app called Smart Humidity Fan. It is available for either manual install, or better yet use the excellent Hubitat Package Mangager app that has this, and many other very useful apps/drivers. HPM can automagically install and keep many of your apps/drivers up to date.

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That was getting too long, so post #2. You would be best to put this into the Ring thread where the developer can see this error, and where you might find that others have run across this issue. I have never used Ring, so I am of no help there.

For the pool lights, (and filter issue I guess) we would have to know the operating voltage and amperage to give any relevant recommendations. This is my personal opinion, but I would stay away from the Wifi stuff if at all possible for a variety of reasons. Zigbee, Zwave, and Lutron are what I would concentrate on using if at all possible.

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Looks like you don't have the child device code installed.

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is this the child code?

Ring Virtual Camera with Siren ring-hubitat-codahq Battery, MotionSensor, Alarm, Polling, Refresh, Sensor, Actuator 2020-07-28 18:52:38 EDT

I'm gonna give up on the pool issues for now and concentrate on getting what I already got working correctly. I guess I need 3 more switches to get the light and fan in bath working. Can the 2 switches in the wall be the same kind or do I need a different one that's going to turn on the fan? Seems it's just an on/off function and doesn't know what it's turning on. Also need to find out if I got a neutral wire. Always something.

Neutral is very important, the on/off switches almost always (maybe always?) require it. Dimmers are the ones that can be neutral-less.

The switches might be the same brand, but you don't have to. I would put the lights on a dimmer, it is so nice to have very dim lights at night. They don't cost any more than a switch, so why not? I like the Zooz as they have lots of features at a great price point. Many others on here like the Inovelli, they too have lots of features for the money.

For the fan, that might be a bit trickier. Not all switches are motor rated. I have had mixed luck with ordinary on/off switches from various vendors that claim to be able to run fans. They would literally burn out the switch in just a few cycles. I ended up going with a GE Commercial line Zwave switch that specifically calls out that it is OK with motors. That is my suggestion for a switch, as motors are very tough on switches due to them acting like a dead short when first turning on. (Inrush spike of current). Examples below.


I have used the program that was previously mentioned, and it's great.
May I recommend for the temperature/humidity sensor, the Zigbee 3.0 versions from
For Tuya Smart ZigBee Wireless Control Temperature Humidity Sensor Smart Home High Accuracy Sensor Bluetooth Mesh Termometer|Building Automation| - AliExpress
(works great with Hubitat)

You may also wish to try out a great humidity program from
(it's something under new programs).

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Is this a neutral wire set up?

Thanks. I'll look into that sensor.

Yes. The white wires in the wire cap in the back are the neutrals.

But as always, it is better to test than assume. So grab your tester and see if you have 110/120v between the white and black. If so, the white is the neutral.

(Even without testing I would be 99.9% sure the capped white wires are the neutral though)


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