Wink Refugee Here Almost Settled In

Hello everyone! I'm a former Wink user and finally relieved to note that I've successfully (thanks to lots of help from the community) migrated most of my devices over. I only have a few items left over that have not yet been integrated that I'd like to enquire about, specifically to see if these can be added to Hubitat or not:

  1. Quirky +GE Tapt Light Switch - the two box-button switch that was sold with Wink products. Will this work with Hubitat?

  2. Wink Relay - I have this connected at my kitchen pantry light switch box - is there a way to get that added to Hubitat?

  3. Ring Video Doorbell Pro

  4. Nest Smoke/CO Alarms. I have 10 of these. Previously Wink allowed me to at least view their status in the Wink App. Is there any way to integrate with Hubitat?

  5. Chamberlain MyQ Garage Door Openers - I have the Chamberlain B550 and the Chamberlain Chamberlain Wd1000Wf. I used to be able to open/close the doors with the Wink App. Any way to get them to work with Hubitat?

  6. iHome Smart Plugs - I have three of these, which I like because of their form factor that doesn't block the other outlet. These are the older iSP5 Wi-Fi smart plugs. I can control them via Alexa, but I'd rather control them via Hubitat.

If there is no way to get the iHome Smart Plugs to work with Hubitat, can anyone recommend a smart plug solution that is not bulky, is good for controlling holiday lights, and which I can control via Hubitat or via Alexa through Hubitat?

Last, but not least, I thought I'd ask about these less well known devices and whether there might be a way to get Hubitat integration:

  1. MustWin Smart Retrofit Bluetooth Mesh LED Recessed Lighting:

  2. Meross WiFi Smart Plugs:

I wasn't sure if there need to be a product-specific integration or if Hubitat would be able to use them through their App-specific logins.

You try adding it as a Zigbee device? Maybe the Generic Zigbee Switch driver would work?

There are extensive instructions on this site how to root it, and make it work. [Beta] Wink Relay - LAN Integration

These work best if you add a tilt sensor. Updated MyQ Lite Application

For the MyQ, you should try the Hubitat Package Installer. It will be much easier to install MyQ, and many other cool apps and drivers. [BETA] Hubitat Package Manager

Try this for Ring, I am not really familiar with it. [Release] Unofficial Ring Integration


For Ring, I used IFTTT. Works like a charm


I use Amazon Alexa fro this one. Create a Hubitat virtual switch and expose it to Alexa via the Hubitat Skill. Enable the Ring Skill for Alexa. Then, create an Alexa Routine, using Ring as the Trigger, to turn on the virtual Hubitat switch.

I have been using this for over two years now and it has been incredibly reliable and the performance is excellent. Must quicker than IFTTT.


Don’t think so (you can thank google for that). I believe Wink had some kind of grandfathered deal to maintain what you’re describing after Google shutdown the Nest API last year? There might be a roundabout way of getting it to work with hubitat but if so, it’s no doubt kinda kludgy.

Probably IFTTT, maybe Homebridge if they’re HomeKit compatible devices.

Hubitat doesn’t have a Bluetooth radio. AFAIK neither does Wink? What were you doing to integrate these up until now?

Many wifi switches and plugs that are based on an ESP8266 board can be flashed to run Tasmota firmware, and can then be integrated with Hubitat thanks to community developers. I don’t know whether that statement applies to these plugs, but that should be easy enough to determine.

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Wink had one, but only supported a couple BT devices, and I don't remember any mesh lighting systems among them.


I tried to use a Tapt switch. There are several drivers out there in ST that can be ported over. The reliability was spotty at best and the device did not report physical changes. I ended up replacing the switch as it wasn't worth the headache.

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are both small and let you use both outlets in a receptacle.


The MustwWin lights are packaged with a Bluetooth radio that connects to my network via WiFi.

You mentioned IFTTT.... I have limited familiarity with it. I have used it to send me notifications about sales on E-bay, or to send weather alerts to my phone, but not much else. Can IFTTT be used to control devices that would otherwise not be compatible with Hubitat? But that would require that IFTTT itself have some sort of specific compatibility with those devices, right?

OK, then I won't even bother with that one. I only have one Tapt and anyway the bulbs it is controlling are Zigbee bulbs which I discovered I can connect to Hubitat.

Is it a bad sign that I have no idea what you are talking about? :slight_smile: I'd probably write off any chance of integration but I do have 8 of these purchased in my pre-Hubitat days. Of course they work with Alexa but I'm going for the "works with Hubitat" approach to take advantage of Rules Machine and loss of internet restrictions.

I checked the product page on the Meross plugs - it doesn't mention anything about an ESP8266 board... I take it that is the motherboard of the device? Assuming it was based on that, how would I "flash" it to run Tasmota firmware?

AFAIK, these plugs are not Tasmota flashable.

Depending on the firmware version of your Tapt switch, it may work with HE. Read this thread:

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Is this the sensor I would need to get, and if so, is one sensor per door enough or do I need two sensors per door?

I don't know anything about that tilt sensor. The one I see recommended most often is this one:

And you will need one per door.

If you have any old GoControl contact (door/window) sensors, they are easy to repurpose as tilt sensors by attaching a tilt switch to the external contacts on these sensors. Here's one from my garage door:


I guess mine aren't GoControl sensors... they are the ones that came with MyQ Chamberlain so I guess that wouldn't work with those. I do have two of the old window/door sensors that came with Wink's old starting package... I assume these would not be compatible with Hubitat?

Can you post a photo of them? Or provide model numbers.

If the device or service that you want to integrate has an IFTTT channel, then yes.

Not a bad sign, it just means that you might be best off trying to stick with the devices that are on Hubitat’s compatibility list.

Anything else will take some additional time and effort to get working. Depending on your baseline skill and knowledge level, and the device involved, it could be minimal time and effort, or a lot of both. And there are always some devices can’t be integrated no matter what.


Good to know. I'll have to test using Alexa instead of IFTTT