[RELEASE] Hubitat Hub Controller

I know many are using my Hub Rebooter app, but some people were asking about a different use case. They wanted the ability to reboot and shutdown the hub on demand. For example, I heard some people talking about hooking up the hub to a UPS and using the UPS to power down the hub safely during a power failure.

This is a different use and requires a totally different solution, instead of an app, you need a driver so you have commands that you can call from RM or whatever.

So introducing, Hubitat Hub Controller. This gives you access to the following APIs:

  • Shutdown - powers down the hub completely
  • Reboot - reboots the hub
  • Restart - restarts the Hubitat software on the hub

The driver supports hubs with and without hub security enabled, you just need to supply an admin username/password when it is enabled. You can also optionally specify the IP of the hub so that you can remotely control a different hub (I only have 1 hub so I couldn't fully test this!). The code is on Github at GitHub - dcmeglio/hubitat-hubcontroller and will be available in Hubitat Package Manager in just a little bit.



Thanks so much for this. I had put my UPS on the back burner but now an motivated to continue with it.

I do have a question. I'm likely doing something wrong but it doesn't seem to do any thing in the way I'm trying to use it.

  1. downloaded and installed your driver
  2. created a virtual device with your driver assigned.
  3. typed in my hubs IP. I don't have security at this time so all else were blank
  4. went to the vitrual device and "pressed" each of the buttons but had no actions initiated.

Where did I go astray?


If it is the local hub you need to leave the IP as


Very cool, thanks for sharing! Just want to try to clarify, rule machine can send shutdown and reboot commands on its own, right? But not if hub security is enabled, I think?

Yeah you could send an HTTP command directly as long as hub security is disabled.

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This is very cool. I'm trying to figure how to get the attributes on my dashboard. I tried custom but that doesn't seem to work and in rule machine I'm unable to get at any action-reboot, shutdown, etc.

The virtual device does work, but I need to be able to do this remotely.

They're commands, not attributes, so there is no way to put them on a dashboard directly. You need to create virtual buttons or something like that and then create an RM rule, to trigger the custom commands when the button is pressed. You can find the custom commands by choosing the Actuator as the type.

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AH HA- actuator was what I was missing. Thank You and thanks again for another great addition to this platform.
I'm just blown away everytime I'm visit the forum and see so many new features and functionality.
And it's great people, like you, that drive the innovations.

PS- is it safe to say, to access custom commands, we always use actuator in RM 4 ?

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What does 302 mean?

A debug line I should have removed (just removed it). 302 is an HTTP redirect status code.

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@dman2306 What is the difference between restart and reboot?

PS, great app, just what I was looking for. :sunglasses:

See this post and the next few after it:


Outstanding driver! Thanks.

I am a month into using HE, so still new to this.

Is there a way to detect using Rules if another Hub has actually Shutdown so I can power it off?

I have to put in a routine to run every night to reboot the HE Hub as the ZWAVE crashes and loses connectivity to every zwave device.

I need to be able to do an orderly shutdown and then check it has actually shutdown, power off the HE Hub using a Hue Plug managed by my other HE, count to 10, then power it back on again.

Maybe through hub mesh? But I don't know since I am a single hub owner.

You really should not have to do this. What HW and FW version are you using? May want to raise a support request with @bobbyD to resolve the underlying Z-Wave issue versus forcing reboots.

Also, any specific reason you have multiple hubs? My understanding is that multiple hubs is generally a "power-user" type thing to differentiate meshes with problem devices or to spread out the load of the rules, but my understanding is that 90%+ of people would not need it given they use repeaters.

Yup I know :frowning: But this is on the advice of Support ...

Looks like I have a ZWAVE Device Driver that causes the ZWAVE to crash and die in HE.

Unfortunately I cannot do without the device, it controls the house heating boiler for radiators and hot water. If I can't control the device I have to use different HA hub.

Support say the only way to reset the zwave system is to shutdown and power off for 10 seconds then power back up.

The ZWAVE system has only died twice in 30 days, so if I can reboot it every night then I am hopeful it can be avoided until I can figure out a way to get a working driver..


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The ZWave crashed again, so twice in 12 hours :frowning:

I can now do a full shutdown, power off, wait 15 seconds, power on from another HE.

And, I think I have a found a way to detect when the ZWave controller has failed and automatically force a Shutdown all from the other HE

In the meantime upgrading the HE to latest version as that does have some language in it around zwave lock ups

Rebooting doesn't reset the zwave radio. Only powering down does. Zooz 4-1's, power reporting devices, and sometimes temperature spamming devices can cause this. Also zwave ghosts. Check settings, zwave details for any devices without anything in the clusters column.

Got the power down requirement for resetting zwave :slight_smile:

I do have a zwave ghost that is resistant to removal.

Not had a problem for a couple of weeks, but have built a rule in the parent HE to shutdown and poster off the troubled HE

Not sure what has settled the issue but learning towards the HE update.

If the ghost is still pingable it won't let you remove it. If you know which device it is then air gap it or flip the breaker. Then run a repair once or twice till it shows failed then remove it.

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