How long does Hubitat take to shut down?

There are lots of threads here about HOW to safely shut down Hubitat when a power failure occurs, but I haven't seen many discussions about WHEN, so I thought I'd ask:

How long does it take for your hub to safely shut down?

For background: I've been playing around with the NUT configuration files lately, and it appears that, by default, it signals shutdown to any connected systems about 20 seconds before it shuts down the UPS (using HOSTSYNC and FINALDELAY). That seems WAY too short a time period to me, so I was curious what a reasonable amount of time for Hubitat would be.

I actually don't know how to answer that question myself, so I did the best I could. I logged when I submitted the request to reboot (using Hubitat Hub Controller) and then logged when the systemStart event was received after the reboot. On my system, this took about 2 minutes, 8 seconds. I don't know how to isolate just the shutdown portion of this time, so that's the best I was able to get.

Anybody else know how long it takes to safely shut down your hub?

Why wouldn't you time the shutdown command instead of reboot?

How about measuring the time from a shut down command to the LED on the hub turning red?

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Is there a way to programmatically tell when the shutdown command has completed? With reboot, I can at least use the systemStart event.

You get a page that says your hub is now safe to power down.

Yes. You can time when the hub stops responding to pings.

Stand in my closet with a stopwatch like a caveman?!!! :stuck_out_tongue: I guess I could do that.

Anyone else have timings to compare to? I’m curious if there’s a lot of variation depending on open connections (telnet, websockets, etc.), Hub Mesh, or anything else that may differ between systems.

On my C7 the LED is red before I get any notification, by several seconds when shutting down

Thanks all for the suggestions!

With a stopwatch, I measured about 25 seconds from when I issued the shutdown command to when the LED on the hub turned red.
Using ping, the hub stopped responding after about 22 seconds.

Much less time than the 2 minutes it took to completely reboot the hub!

Has anyone else had a chance to test their hub to see how this compares?

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