[DEPRECATED] NOAA Weather Alerts

NOAA Weather Alerts provides weather alert notifications for USA based users through TTS using any or all Music devices, Echo Speaks devices, Google/Speech devices, PushOver Notifications devices, Hubitat app, and Dashboard tiles. NOAA provides granular customization to enable users to watch for specific events, severity, urgency while also using global variables to customize alert notification messages.

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  • Redesigned UI which is more intuitive
  • Re-write from the ground up with more optimized code
  • Alert message anomalies removed (thanks to @dman2306 for guidance on regex)
  • Additional restrictions options. Ability to ignore restrictions for certain severity types and/or specific weather types (tornado warnings, tornado watch, etc)
  • ALL active alerts based on your weather settings are available for the dashboard tile

Dashboard Tile:

  • New display look/feel for alerts
  • Scrolling of all active alerts on the dashboard
  • Reduced overhead on Hubitat

NOAA Weather Alerts is available through Hubitat Package Manager or out on GitHub.

**Special thanks to @CurtisZM for actively testing and reporting bugs on the 3.0 Alpha

Restrictions Example:

  • All weather severity options selected (minor, moderate, severe, extreme)
  • Restrict for all modes
  • Ignore restrictions if alert is an Extreme alert (TTS Announcements throughout the home)
  • Ignore restrictions if Tornado Watch or Tornado Warning is issued (TTS Announcements throughout the home)
  • All other alerts send through PushOver

For those who would like to customize your NOAA Weather Alerts, below is a description of what each option does. Please keep in mind having ALL options selected will result in false or even NULL responses from the api. ONLY customize for what you are truly looking for. Example: If I am only concerned with tornado watches/warnings then only select the Watch a Specific Weather Alert to those two settings. Natively the app looks at all possible weather codes for you already.

Alert Message - allows you to customize the alert that is announced. You can use {variables} listed in the Customization Instructions to create your own custom message.

Restrictions - you can either restrict by mode or by switch

Weather Severity - You have choices of Moderate, Severe and Extreme. The more restrictive the severity to fewer announcements.

Alerts Urgency - Immediate is just alerts that are for immediate notifications. Expected is forecasted alerts.

Poll Frequency - change how often NOAA pulls for weather alerts

Repeat alerts - repeat a given alert in a certain # of minutes from original announcement

Custom Coordinates - allows for custom latitude/longitude to acquire weather alerts from another location within the USA

Weather Severity - Allows to choose what severity to watch for: Moderate, Severe and Extreme

Watch a Specific Weather Alert - allows for reduction of alerts to be monitored to just those alerts you are wanting to be announced

Alert Certainty - allows to specify for Possible, Likely and Observed

Alert Urgency - allows to specify Immediate, Expected and Future

Run a test Alert - test NOAA and your configuration

Enable Debug Logging - if you are having issues and/or need support enable debug logging. Debug logging will automatically shutoff after 15 minutes to reduce the amount of logs being produced by NOAA. This can be configured to always be on or you can set another timeout preference



Thanks for adding the mode restriction option, however, it seems that the wording for the option is the opposite of what actually occurs.

It states that selected modes will "allow actions" but according to the logging it's the opposite?

Thanks again,


Thanks for catching that! I have updated the code and also added a switch (thanks to @csteele) restriction option too.

Add more to NOAA. First post updated.

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Moderate alerts don't seem to be working with the newest version, the logs are showing it's not checking for moderate even if I have it selected.


I have a Moderate alert in my area now:

Doht. That wasn’t supposed to be in the code. I am working on that currently for 1.0.7. Will fix here in a minute. Sorry about that. :crazy_face:

1.0.7 released - added the ability to choose what types of alerts you want to monitor.

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Thanks, new update is working great so far


The repeating option appears to be working in seconds instead of minutes for me so far. I set mine to 500 minutes but appears the alerts were occurring after about 500 seconds instead from what I could tell.

I also saw these errors in the logs:

[app:227]( 09:00:15.663 pm [error]( No such property: minutes for class: java.lang.String on line 205 (refresh)

[app:227]( 08:55:16.233 pm [error]( No such property: minutes for class: java.lang.String on line 205 (refresh)

[app:227]( 08:50:15.616 pm [error]( No such property: minutes for class: java.lang.String on line 205 (refresh)

[app:227]( 08:45:16.263 pm [info]( 5 minutes before next poll...

Looking into it. Just turn off repeat for now.

Just waiting for some crazy weather now...


1.0.8 fixes repeat issues

Fantastic App! - Many of the NOAA statements are lengthy and I can view in Hubitat logs.

Question about the push to phone notification; When the notification shows up in the top bar (Android 9 in my case) I can only see a portion of the update (see pic) If I click it takes me to the Dashboard URL which is empty. Is there a way to view the full alert remotely?

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@Shortstop Are you using the PushOver app?

Yes, but just have phone selected. Should I use Hublink instead or both?

After some research I have discovered there is a 1024 character limit. I will work on fixing this in 1.0.9 to send multiple messages.

Thanks! - Here in the mountains of Colorado they don't give expected snow amounts until the very end of the message. :sunglasses:

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v1.0.9 posted with PushOver notification character limit fixes. Thanks to @csteele for assisting me with education on Groovy.

Got my first alert yesterday about today's winter storm in the NorthEast. Awesome app, thank you!

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Couple things: New version I tried "run a test alert" and got an error screen:

Error: Cannot invoke method deviceNotification() on null object

When trying to reload the app the error screen persisted and I got the weather alert repeatedly over the past 30 minutes. Only option is to remove and reinstall.